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Crane Hermita

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*Zaren X'Mar the First son on a young couple that died when Zaren was 4 by a criminal shooting both of them for some a couple bucks and some jewelery. This is what gave Zaren his difference from most children and the fact he inherited some powers from his ancestors such as abnormal speed,strength,fighting skills, and uncontrollable anger that it seems was never seen before.Zaren decided to then take up martial arts to maybe even become stronger, so he could stop criminals from hurting people over money objects or just different opinions.As Zaren got older he become much stronger than the average human,after taking 1st place in three World Martial Arts Tournament Zaren got a letter from a mysterious old man, he wanted to train Zaren. Zaren reluctantly met the old man the,then began their friend ship."ready to spar old man" "Only when your ready" Zaren was now 17 he had been the only Pupil of the Legendary Crane Hermit for 3 years, the hermit was like what he imagined a grandpa would be like, over this time the legendary hermit had unlock Zaren's third eye, and tried to teach him to control his anger. Zaren saw the world more clearly than every after opening his third eye, he had to help protect earth and defeat anyone doing unjust. He had learned much more than just fighting power he'd learned what it means to do the right thing and true strength isn't all about power its 50% will 30%heart and 20% skill. That turned into his motto, his words he lived by. The old hermits power soon weak end and he soon past away leaving Zaren with Anger and depression, but he couldn't lose his focus now after all he had worked for "50% will 30%heart and 20% skill" he sobbed he had to become the next Crane Hermit, for himself and his master he had to train so he could be "The next Legendary Crane Hermit"*

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