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h our story takes place. I was before the great shaman his figures old and wrinkled his hair white and long, i asked the shaman "Why have you called me great one, as you know my wife is fat with child." the shaman looked at me squinted eyes and as he was about to say something a young boy ran in about the age of 13, he yelled "Kaizoken your child is being born!" i rushed out before i heard the words of the shaman straight to my wife murasaki. I burst in during the birth, she was sweating prefusioly her long black hair dangling down covering her face, my wife was a strong woman but ive never seen her scream this much. (switching perspectives here) My hearing and vision began to fade, the pain excrutiating it was as if i was being ripped in half, i couldnt here my husbands voice anymore infact i couldnt feel anything anymore......everything just went black. (switching perspectives again) The child was born successfully but it took a toll on my wife, it cost her, her life, i Had not realized that the shaman had been here i asked him "Why have you graced me with your prescence?" the shaman just stayed silent staring at my child after that he walked out of the hut and back into his. I trained my son from birth until he was 15 teaching him the ways of combat making sure he was ready for the warring that our tribes had been doing for years, teaching him defensive combat and offensive combat. My son was a magnificant boy strong acrobatic, powerful, his punches felt like i was being hit like a mountain. Strangely he was born with long white hair. Although neither me nor my wife had white hair in there family it was strange. I had awoken one day to find my son was not in his bed, i had assumed that he was outside playing with other child, i was half right, he was indeed outside but he was not playing with the other childeren infact the other childeren were beating on him all in a group. I began walking over to stop them but something strange was going on it felt as if a great power had just arissen all i saw was all the childeren fly incredibly far and fast, one of them hit me and knocked me unconcious. (switching perspectives again) It was strange as if a beast had awoken inside me, and it was hungry, my mind was in a whirlwind of rage....-i was tired of them mocking me and doing this to me, no one protected me, my dad didnt even protect me, But they would all pay! Ill kill all of them!" I began firing blasts out of my hands at the huts setting them ablaze some people began rushing out, i blasted them to there blood bursting into the air. I walked up to one of the kids on the ground he promptly tried to crawl away but i grabbed his leg and dragged him back, and flipped him around he was about the age of 16 not like i gave a shit, and i promptly began beating in his skull hit after hit cracking bone and skull pieces of flesh and skull began flying off of him an eventually he was indeed dead i stood up and stared at the next one rage in my eye he got up and began running i ran up as fast as i could and grabbed her head and snapped her neck. I laughed as all this went on as blood poured over my skin and as the fires raged before me. The last ones alive were my father and the shaman, i ran into the shamans house and he was sitting there waiting for me, withought a word between us we rushed at each other he attempted to hit me with his staff but i blocked it with my arm grabbed it and took it out of his hands, then i slammed it through his chest and picked him up on it, as he slid down i punched him in the face and he would slide back up to the top i did this about 10 times and then i through him to the ground he was about to say a few words but they were wasted because my foot stopped them i slammed it down on his face and his skull shattered along with his skin, bits of skull and brain along with fleshed covered the ground were his head was supposed to be. i laughed maniacally, and said "now, onto my father". (switching perspectives again.) I had awoken from my unconciousness to see my village burning, bodies of friends and family strewn to and fro everyone i knew was dead, before i could morn i saw my child covered in blood and insanity in his eyes as he exited the shamans hut, before i could say anything he was already upon me pounding in my skull, i slipped out of conciousness again, i awoke to an excrutiating pain in my chest, his hand was through it, i coughed up blood upon my child as i said these words "you are *cough* indeed strong, despite what you have *cough* done i am proud of you" all i saw and heard before everything went black was the insanity flee from my sons eyes and him dropping me yelling "father what have i done!". Now the story of my son, well....that is a tail to be told by another fire.

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Accepted. One more admins acceptance and you passed.

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