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Majin Fenix

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1Majin Fenix Empty Majin Fenix on March 7th 2011, 2:33 pm


Ph34r t3h l337 gu3s7 t0p1c.

In all seriousness, RPing for the sake of playing as a Majin. We'll see how this goes. As the spawn point for the race is an asteroid in deep space, that's my RP.

Far off, in a remote section of space, an asteroid drifted. One of the many remains of a long destroyed planet, this rock had been created when a Djinn- a creature of pure hate, bound and given motion by a sorcerer's magic- had plowed through the resistances offered by the armies of the world, and destroyed the once beautiful celestial body completely and utterly. Now, so very long after, nothing, not even the ancient Kaio, could remember the once lush world... But something existed. The tiniest fraction of the demonic creature had remained, seeping into the ruined, dead stone, resting.

The rock still retained an abysmally thin atmosphere, a coating of oxygen and nitrogen, offering only the faintest of pressure- but also enough for sound to exist. Below the ruined, puckered scars of the asteroid, an almost playful giggle issued forth. In the next instant, the surface began to crack and shatter, a horrid silver light escaping from inside, but only for a moment. As the hue faded, a thick, semi-solid flow of deep red slime began to move up through the wounds of the once-planet, ready to begin anew. As this viscous fluid spread, it began to stretch, reaching for the stars, and taking the shape of.. Something. First, a foot, then a leg- a second following soon after. As the waist formed, a pair of white, baggy pants became noticable, held up by a belt with a jagged black M on the buckle.

This thing continued to form, until it was roughly humanoid. It's jaw cocked in a wild, crooked grin, a long, silly tentacle extending from the creature's skull like a mockery of humanoid hair. Standing on one hand, the new Djinn- Majin Fenix- stared at the expanse of stars, and began to laugh, a wild, hateful sound. The monster was now complete, standing a full ten feet, but slouched and squashed to nearly half that size as he rolled from his palms to his feet. With a final, wild scream, the now-hollow asteroid collapsed, destroyed by the blast of pressure as he took off, hunting for prey, hunting for... Candy.


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