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Adrift in the floating seas of snow and glaciers of planet Icer, there was a lone egg that set itself apart from the rest of the world.

The world was dark, frozen solid. Nothing could be seen, and all that could be felt was the winter's spite. It felt very enclosed, claustrophobic. So much so that it brought the constant need to move, struggle against the darkness. And, when force was applied to the darkness it began to push back, but it wasn't pushing back. This was the first struggle of the young alien, set to wander on his alien planet. He pushed, harder and harder till his muscles grew weak, exhausted. Each and every second of consciousness he spent pushing into the darkness. Until from the sheer will of the hatch-ling, the darkness began to crack. He could see a whole new world to explore from inside the shell that he had know for all of his existence. The cold wind blew against the moist, leathery skin. It felt as if something was biting every single portion, though the bites were small, to small to count out. This was the first relocation of his cold existence, it seemed to have an effect on his later life, reflecting on the bitterness of his birth, and the following events that would unfold.

His small, fragile arm broke through the crack and grasped up into the snow filled air. It took him only minutes to began shaking himself out of the captivity. The egg itself tipped over as he tried to free the rest of his body, planting the cracked surface back down into the snow. For some reason all of this truly stuck into his mind, the first, and perhaps the only struggles he would ever face. After breaking free of the shell he looked up into the sky, filled with a continuous sea of clouds and falling white objects. It caught him for a moment, drawing his attention for hours and hours. It was rather that he didn't know what to do now. He had just escaped the darkness that he had known for the first year of his life. Rather, he awoke into a world of nothing. It took him several hours before the cold began to get to him and drew his attention away from the sky. Though, he still thought of it as beautiful. The little, barely developed eyes looked around in a circular motion, taking in the landscape. It was filled with nothing but snow and snow and snow, as far as he could see. He could not even remember any given object that stuck out in the distance, just an endless line of white that carried on into the horizon. It was then that his instincts began to kick in, telling him to move on rather than stay still and wait for something to happen. With this in his mind he began to move off into this white hell.

It was not far in his travels before he began to come across things other then just the white sea. Things such as shadows in this distance, not the kind of things you would expect your first memories of life were to be. At least, he thought it was life. Looking to the distance like it was his parents standing there waiting for him, truly still ignorant of the world around him. But after months and months of wandering, it became uncertain to him what just was going to happen to him. He even began to ask into the distance, in some sort of patched up form of speech. "Where should I go?" And then it caught him, the striking of light in the distance. It came from far behind the mountain, but he could see it. The light itself seemed like a bright star that broke the horizon of his little mind, and drove him to search for it, though it would take months of walking before he would even begin to realize what the light itself was. The planet was so vast and he was so small there wasn't very much he could do but wander on and on, occasionally falling over into a sleep, though most of the times he awoke it was in a daze and caused him to change direction or stick onto another distant object.

After one of his occasional collapses he was awoke by a loud strike. He wasn't entirely sure what was happening, rather he ran to it. It was something that most children would have never done, to run straight into the unknown. His little figure leaped up atop of a loud mound of snow, just enough to get a glance of two beings. They were throwing things at each other, he didn't seem to even know what they were. For a moment he thought they could be others like himself, and did think this for a good bit of time. "Hey!!!" The child yelled out over the clash of light and blowing wind. Though, it seemed like they didn't notice him over the booming blasts. In reality they were just beasts, fighting for superiority between each other. His body was tossed around in the snow, still small and still rather fragile. With just the swiftness as the clashing had started it stopped, leaving the child buried a few inches within the snow only long enough for him to be absent as they flew off into the distance, flapping their large wings. Though, when one thinks this would bring sadness, utter loneliness, it seemed to bring joy to him, and interest of sorts. Unlike before, just wandering around without a purpose, he now knew there were others out there. Things that could respond and it brought him great joy. His wandering had turned into searching, and his mind began to develop.

In another relocation of his childhood he remembered a harsh storm, where he just nearly survived the cold by ducking into a den. Little known to him the den was actually a den of an ice dragon. He only knew of it when it was awoken in rage by the child stepping on it's tail. The beast smashed and flailed around, trying to show it's natural superiority, and defend it's territory. "Whoa! Watch out you might hit me!" A rather ignorant thing to say to a beast, but he knew no better. It only caused him to charge. The boy quickly jumped up, far above the head of the dragon and nearly hit his head on the ceiling, tough he turned over himself and fell down upon the head of the beast. It flailed and began to toss him off, but to no avail, the boy had latched himself of to it's neck, speaking in an ever so joyous tone "Hahahah! This is fun!" Within minutes the monster had given up and tossed himself over on the ground, only then did the child remove himself from it's neck. The rest of that night was spent deep in the cave, with the child leaning against the belly of the dragon, not to it's liking of course but it could not help it.

Within the following months his power had grown far before that of the beasts around the area. In fact, they had all but given up on trying to do anything with him. In their eyes he was much stronger then they could ever become. Whenever a beast of any kind would charge at him, he would just toss them away like they were a piece of paper. Not much of this and you could have the what made up his unfathomable ego. But the real life changer was just about to start. On his 5th year he saw a large object in the distance. He noted that it wasn't like the others. It wasn't abstract or jagged like the things he had seen before, no those were behind him now. He had explored them and seen what they were. This was something new, and rather exciting for him. In the distance he could see a large dome-like structure, fluttering. with light and other visible variations that kept presenting themselves. The boy rushed himself towards the large dome, what would have taken weeks took hours. By this point in time his body had been built up to the point where he could travel without wearing down. This was the collection of moving almost every moment from the point of birth. As he drew closer and closer to the structure he began to see weird things moving around the base. "Hey!!!!!!!!!" He shouted off into the distance, his body soaring into flight. If he knew it or not, it was apparent to the aliens that he was indeed flying. They looked up to him as he hovered above him, suddenly they flew to their knee's and began to bow. The boy could only look down at them and prompt one question, "Why are you acting like that?" Each and every alien came up from their bowing position and looked at him weird. They had not known that he was a lost one. "Sire, is something wrong with your head?" One of the aliens broke the silence with this very odd question. "Sire? Wait is that my name?" For the new few hours there was great confusion between the aliens and the boy. None of them knew what was going on. It finally took a seeing with the current leader of the alien group before things were finally beginning to make a bit of sense.

They brought the boy to this large room, decorated on almost ever inch of every given space of wall. It was meant to be as grand as possible. "So what is this place?" The boy looked up to the alien that had his hand, walking him down the large hallway into the main corridor. "This is the palace, I will introduce you to our leader." Nothing more was said until the main doors were opened into the throne room, and even then things seemed to be quiet as the aliens began to bow one after another to this strange being that sat upon it's own mountain, so to speak. The figure called out to the boy in a booming voice, "Come closer my son, I have much to tell you." For a moment the boy was in utter confusion, he had no idea who the man was talking too. "Well, Come on now, I'm waiting." The aliens seemed to get sense at the words, perhaps a sign of the current reign. "Wait, you mean me?" It struck a cord of laughter from the king. "Who else here is my son?" So, the child walked up the large flight of stairs to the throne, and the went back off into the doorway behind them. After a few moments of silence the king began to explain the entire situation as of current. "Im sure you are confused, but you are indeed my son. You see, a few years ago there was a large explosion that happened within our nursery. Among the many eggs that were there, only one was saved. That one egg, was ejected in a pod to escape the explosion. However something was wrong with the recovery system and it was never found." He turned around, kneeling down and placing his hand on the child's shoulder with a very sincere look upon his face. "You, are that child that was saved. We did everything we could at the time to find you but by the time we found the egg, you were already hatched and gone."

And, From that point on, began the life of a tyrant. What seemed like it was to be okay, was only to get worse.

Upon a winter night, one most like the one in which he was born, Sonomori walked out to view over the balcony of his kingdom. His father was growing ill, and slowly dieing. In this small time, only a time of 7 years, he had learned everything his father could teach. From things such as politics, to fighting. Everything had been jammed straight into the mind of the child. "Hmm, What a nostalgic evening. To think that I would rule a kingdom like this." From within another corridor far behind him a voice echoed out. "Sire! It is time for your battle session." His head turned over, looking at the somewhat informed figure. He was dressed fully in combat wear and armed with a large white gun. It fit perfectly over the aliens shoulder as he saluted. "Ahh, who is my opponent this time?" - "It is the man from the western kingdom. They said this is their strongest warrior, if you beat them this time sire you will become the strongest on our planet." - "This should be a good fight then." Sonomori turned himself around in a pivoting motion. "Alright, show me the way." The two began to walk through the maze-like corridors until they reached a towering iron door. The alien placed his right hand on an insert slot and activated the door to prompt it's opening. The hinges flung back and each portion of iron began to move with the hydrolics. Beyond the doors, were the strongest fighters on his planet. This was a test for supremacy of Icer, and it would decide his future. Atop a large pedistil stood his father, looking down over a large marble ring. There was utter silence which, at the time, seemed infinite. Tension in the air was high until the first challenger set foot into the ring. He was a big looking alien, rough metal like skin, scales that shot out of his back. More or less a monster by normal standards. "I hope you can put up a fight." The child seemed to be mocking the monster, taunting it in every possible way. It was trying to anger him to bring out it's full potential. He could already tell this wasn't even going to be a fair fight as he entered the ring. His eyes peered up to the large bug-like creature, preparing his stance in the process. The bug looked down at him, as if he were almost insulted that their strongest fighter was this little kid. He began to laugh in a horrid manner, one that just made you sick to the stomach. "This is your strongest fighter? I will be king within minutes." And as he said that the start of the fight was cued with a ringing sound. Within the next few seconds the alien would experience the most pain it had ever felt within it's life, for he had angered the child. A child though he was, he was not a mere being. The first instance of moment was just barely seen in the steps of his feet, his body moved faster than the alien could finish his laughter. A fist, balled, and fueled by the power 10x that of the alien came crashing into the stomach of the alien. It cracked the outer shell like it was nothing, splashing it's insides into the air. It cried out in pain as it was impaled by the boy's arm, grabbing it with a agonizing grasp. Blood began to pour out of it's mouth as it became limp. "Is that it?" The child was once again mocking the dieing alien, his first sign of cruelty. He pulled his fist from the insides of the alien with such force that it tossed all the liquids off him and left his arm clean. His footsteps proceeded to take him back a few yards, allowing the body to fall to the ground as if it were nothing but mere trash. "Well, who is next?" The other contenders began to look grim, as if they were completely out of breath. Suddenly one after another they began to back down, losing their will to fight. "Come on now, Is that all this planet has to offer? Is there not a single one among you that can stand even up to a fraction of me?" Sonomori looked up to his father, showing his utter disappointment. But his father was looking down at him with such pride that it seemed to overwhelm him. "My son you have far passed my expectations. I believe it is time." For a moment none of them knew what he had meant. They stood there in utter silence as they watched the king, sitting there, motionless. The boy jumped up to his father, looking at his figure. His eyes were closed, and breathing stopped. Within the next few moments he would have never felt as much sadness and anguish for the rest of his existence. At that moment, it became apparent to all that he was dead.

And so the reign of the tyrant began. Almost immediately after the death of his father he had those who opposed him thrown into a prison, exiled, or killed at the hands of his minions. In one particular case there was the quarrel between two of his subjects. They were arguing over who had the most power and control in their area. When Sonomori heard this he walked over, interrupting their conversation. Their faces turned white, pale with fear. One even turned tail and ran, only to meet up with a timely demise from a blast of searing hot energy. The other began to cower in fear and beg for his life, bowing down as low as he could go. Though Sonomori only had one answer to this, "Who is it that rules this planet?" And with that he walked away, leaving him to sulk in his own fear. It made a definable impression of the ones that were around him. Occasionally he would flaunt his power around with the weaklings, killing a few off that didn't obey the correct orders. Though, it was a mystery as to what lead up to these unfolding events. It had only been but a year after his father died that this type of behavior had occurred within him. On a specifically calm evening he called a man to the throne, a rather decorated officer of his military. As the man walked in the corridor he asked, "Why is it you summon me." But before he could answer his arm was severed from his body. Blood spewed in all directions and he toppled to the ground, pooling in his own filthy blood. "I'm aware of what you did." He looked down at the officer with cold eyes. Within his hand was the arm, ripped clean off bone and all. The officer screamed in agony as he tossed and turned on the floor. "It wasn't me, I swear!!!!!!" He cried out in pain and began to beg for his life. "I'm aware that you were one of the ones that plotted against my father, I have more then enough evidence to kill you. Why shouldn't I you putrid pest." A grim look came upon his face as the final drops of blood poured out of his body. And, within the last moments of his life his eyes grew wide, knowing that they were going to be killed. Sonomori walked out of the room with the arm still held in his hand, though it was slightly shriveled now. It took him only a few minutes to find what he was looking for, another alien walking around in the corridors. This one seemed much like the other, perhaps their species was one of a kind on his planet. He looked up at him, then noticed as he backed away at the sight of the dismembered arm. Like the others he began to flee. "Your race is putrid trash, and I will not permit any of you to live." Sound was pierced by the cutting of the air, the flying of a projectile. The boy had thrown the arm like a spear at the alien. It impaled his body all the way through and stopped his short of the shoulder. The sheer force of the impact caused the alien's insides to liquefy and spew all over the place in a bloody mess.

He wit held his word. Shortly after the incident he ordered a mass genocide of his species, and eventually they were all wiped out. The word restraint was not in his vocabulary. He did things rash, and crudely. People began to fear being around him, almost avoiding them as if he were going to kill them for looking at him wrong. But that is how he wanted it to be. He refused to end up like his father, betrayed by his own man. The only way he knew how to solve this problem was by sheer fear, shoving it down the throats of his subject and constantly hanging it over them. As if he were the god of all creation. It seemed to hold true to a sense. He could not be beaten no matter what any rebel tried. Guns just bounced their bullets right off of him. Punches just broke the hands, if you could even get close enough before your body was severed entirely. It was true that he was invincible in almost every way. Some even tried to reason with him, but to no avail. Everything was futile in the way of the tyrant Changeling. Another occurrence of value was the morning of the rebel's grand rebellion. They society had grown tired of his reign and launched a full out assault against the throne. Within minutes, every single rebel was slaughtered in cold blood.

He met them at the door to the royal palace. "So, you wish to rebel against me?" -"We are tired of your reign! Your a corrupt tyrant and must be brought to justice!!!!!!" The words were rallied by a fury of gunfire. Fighters came rushing up from in the crowd, dodging the bullets of their allies and trying to get a clean punch in. "What fools, I will teach you all for the final time." The first man to raise his fist against him was cut in twain before he had the mentality to react. Blood and limbs began to fly up into the air. Everyone close to him was lucky, for the died immediately. Though who were rather unfortunate perished slow and painful deaths, mostly by losing limbs and being left to bleed out. Even worse were those who didn't die at all. Once the rebels saw there was no hope of winning they began to bow and beg for their lives. Few were spared, but those who were suffered a fate worse then death. After they had surrendered to their tyrant they were forced to clean up the bodies of the fallen. Forced, to toss them into a giant furnace, loved ones, family members. It was all indiscriminate. There was none that were left unscathed from this sheer carnage, and it changed the planet of Icer forever.

Many years passed, though the carnage was never forgotten it had come to heal and those who were involved began to mend the broken pieces of their existence under the rule of the king. "Hmm, So how are the plans coming along?" A conversation was overheard in another corridor. "Smoothly sire, we are preparing it now." -"Good, I grow tired of waiting. I wish to concur more than this ball of ice." It appeared as if the plans for a ship were being built, one that was capable not of traveling the oceans but the vastness of the universe itself. They were well aware of it at this point, the vastness that is. They had sent pioneers out many times before. While they never came back they achieved lots of data. Under the new rule things began to advance faster than ever before. Though he was cruel he was as efficient as all his predecessors combined. The planet was taking a turn for the technological future, he had hired aliens from all over the planet to do what his father and his grandfather could not. Within this unified network the information began to travel faster, thus yielding more results. Within just 4 years, there was a working prototype, and it was nearing full completion.

The pair of aliens walked in-front of the king down a long stretched hallway. It was leading down into an underground chamber, filled to the brim with steal and flashing lights. "I hear it is fully complete, is that correct?" -"Yes sire, we can launch on your command." -"Excellent I cannot wait." At the end of the passage way was a steel vault, opened up by two keys that the scientists were carrying. The vault retracted the doors inwards to reveal a massive conjunction of workers, surrounding a large oval like object that was buried in the piping and other various machines. One of the scientists pulled out a control, pressing a few sequences of buttons and checking the results that the device gave him. At the end of the last set of tones smoke and a loud sound began to come from a rounded piece of metal on the ship. It lowered down a drawbridge in front of them, perfectly aligned with the large metal pad that was placed to catch the opening mechanism. "Lovely, I trust this will be a fulfilling success?" -"Of course, we are the best in the galaxy. There is nothing that we can not build with time." -"Good, I hope the next thing you can build me is a worthy opponent." The scientist grew slightly pale at the response and said no further about the subject until everything was loaded upon the ship. A few aliens greeted him and lead him away from the scientists into his private quarters, where a large relaxation area was built. It was filled with a large waterfalls on all sides with a small island in the middle with a throne placed directly in the middle. "These are your private quarters sir, I hope they are to your liking." -"They are interesting." He said nothing more and it seemed to draw a bit of uneasiness between the greeters, though he propped himself upon the throne and awaited for the ship to be launched. The contraption began to shake violently, you could hear the ripping of tubes and valves being released in the distance. "Quite the noisy machine." He seemed a bit uneasy, though he would have never shown it. Within minutes they were launched directly into the air and out of the atmosphere of the planet. Sonomori arose from his throne, floating over to glance out a mirror to his side that showed the vastness of space. "Wonderful, soon it will all be mine."

Months passed as they traveled on the ship, visiting various planet after planet. Though little to none had any life. And if it did it was the occasional plant. For a vast amount of time they found nothing but the lowest grade of lifeforms. Within his growing boredom he began to lock himself in his chambers, not allowing anyone or anything near the entrance. On one occasion someone attempted to ease drop upon him. Needless to say they were thrown into prison for a month. He couldn't just go off killing everyone on this ship, the people were limited. Though he had to make them think that he could. "Now, if I begin to compress this." Within the chambers he had begun an experiment of his power. He was far to strong, and it was hard to do things with subtlety. Suddenly in his experiment his body began to compress, changing shape and form. He dropped down from his extreme figure to a rather small form. "Interesting. Though this is still a bit powerful." He began to try the same ability a few times on himself until it was impossible to compress any further. "Only four times is it, well this will do." He walked to the chamber door and began to unlock it. Unlike usual he could operate the controls without smashing them. "This will do perfectly." As the door opened up to the outside one of his guards was making his patrols. "Huh? Who goes there!!!" -"Do you not recognize your own king." For a moment the guard didn't realize exactly who he was speaking to, until it struck him. "My apologies sire I didn't realize it was you. Your appearance has changed." -"Yes, Indeed. I kept breaking things in my other form so I decided to tone it down a bit." Sonomori turn away from the guard, allowing the automated doors to close themselves and began walked down the hallways. It took only a few minutes before the entire crew was aware of his physical transformation. It was a bonus to them now because he wasn't constantly breaking things as before.

As the time passed further on into the years, and the crew explored the universe they discovered other intelligent lifeforms, and forced them under their control. It was not long before they made a business of this, buying and trading planets like they were nothing. And thus, from this cycle came the interplanetary trading system.

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Level 2 Admin
Name: Sonomori Ankoku
Height: 6'2
Weight: 147 lb
Blood Type: o-
Type: None
Age of Death: 17
Real Age: 321
Age of Appearance: 17
Appearance: His skin is a silk white, covered in a standard shinigami uniform. A wooden clip hangs on his right shoulder, very similar to a shoulder guard in which hands off the edge of the shoulder by a few inches. His eyes are a florescent color of blue, nearly shaded by his black bangs that hand just below his eyes. A strange marking lingers under his left eye, like a tribal burning. The shapes are of lines entwining into a crescent moon up to the side of his eye like black ink.
(Pre-Shinigami existence)Originally Sonomori was a hollowfied human being. He rose the ranks of the hollow until he became fairly powerful. After training for countless months on end, and devouring countless hollows he ascended to the final stage of all hollow, an arancar. Shortly after reaching the level of arancar, he died. He engaged in a fight he was no ready for, and foolishly rushed to his own demise. His entire body was aged away into complete nothingness and his soul wondered the plains of oblivion. However, his power still remained even though his body had perished.

(Birth + Childhood) Amongst the broken down houses and fog of the Rukongai a few days after he died, a baby formed out of the shadows. The crying echoed outwards into the damp decaying wood of a house near by. From the door, out walked a man in ragged clothing with a curious expression on this face. His eyebrow lifted at the astonishment that a baby was laying right out in front of his door. There was no basket, no letter. Just a baby without a umbilical cord sitting right at his doorstep. The man was completely in astonishment. He had no clue as what he was going to do. He just couldn't leave a new born baby to die on its own. In his pity, he picked up the newborn and brought it inside. From within a pile of rags, he pulled out a single clean sheet of cloth in which to wrap the child in. However, he had no idea on how to raise a baby in the least bit. A few days past without any trouble. The newborn was getting by on leftover bread from the market that he was being fed. Surely though, this was not nearly enough for a newborn child. One day, on the week after he was found, the baby began to cry uncontrollably. The man had no idea how to solve this crisis. He tried everything he possible could. In the end, a neighbor come to see what all the noise was. To her surprise she found a hectic man trying to get a baby to stop crying. She quickly went over to him to see what was wrong. Her eyes inspected the baby carefully. A few moments afterwords she turned to the man and said "What the hell are you trying to do? Freeze him to death? Look at this he barely has any cloths. I'm sure he hasn't been getting the proper food either." She looked at the child concerned. In a means to defend his actions the man replied "Its all I have. I wasn't expecting to raise a child, he just appeared on my doorstep about a week ago and I've been caring for him since then." The woman looked over to the man with a perplexed face. "Just appeared on your doorstep?" The man nodded, "Please, can you take of him. There is no way I can raise him." This obviously was a large problem for the woman, however she took the baby and left with a re-assuring goodbye. Months passed and the winter season began. The times were increasingly difficult for the rukongai. Nothing looked like a ray of hope that winter. It was surely the coldest one in hundreds of years. Because of the cold, all the water was freezing over. Surely souls did not need things such as food and water. They were dead right? Of course those who used spirit energy needed to eat. But other than just that people really didn't need nourishment. It seemed that the adults were just fine, while the children began to fall ill. Children use up more spiritual energy, thus having to eat and drink to regain it. This obviously brought problems into the picture for everyone. However, the babies were effected the most. They were freezing and could not build up energy because of the lack of food and water. Seriete noticed that is was starting to become a problem. As a means to help, they began sending agents into the city each day with fresh food and water. On the third day that they were sending the woman and the baby went out into the streets to get some supplies. She approached the line with the baby held silent in her arms. As they reached the front of the line, she bent over to grab a package. The babies eyes opened and looked over to the man with a adorable look. It put out his arm in amusement as if it was trying to get his attention. The army quickly quote the man's attention, drawing his eyes inward to the palm of the child. It began to struggle from within the woman's arms, trying to jump out. It fell from her arms, falling to the ground softly on a pile of sheets. The baby looked up into a smile, wrapped in a small blanket. Soon after, the woman who had been holding him had collapsed. She fell to the ground, dead from a disease. The shinigami looked down at the baby, shockingly reacting to the woman falling right after he landed. He rushed over to her body, checking for a pulse as the crowed began to step back. The baby just looked over to the man, smiling innocently. "Shes dead..." the words uttered from the shinigami's lips like the sharp knife to a soft stomach. He looked over to the baby, his eyes in shock from what he had just discovered. A few days latter the official cause of death had been known. She had died from her spiritual energy being drained away. The child had been the culprit. It had a spiritual pressure at such a young age. Due to this fact the seritie look him in, raising him as their own.

( 6 years later )
The summer wind blew in the seriete, a bells ring disrupting the atmosphere with the call for the morning students. Sonomori grabbed his wooden katana, barely able to fit in on his sash due to his small stature. He was just but 6 years old, and already attending school to become a shinigami. His feet lopped against the ground as he rushed to the dojo. With a quick slide and a ruffle of the doors, he barely made it to class in time. The teacher once again scolded him for being late to class. This was not the first time. He had been attending for a few months now. He was one of the youngest students to ever attend the academy. The other students looked down on him because he was so young, they would ask to each other in the distance from him, "How did he get into the academy. He must have connections with the noble families or something." Of course this was but another passing occurrence. The teacher called his name up to the floor, Sonomori assuming his training stance as the contender walked up to his front. "You think this squirt can even stand a chance? I'll have him crying to his momma in a few seconds." He said with a overtone of confidence in his apparent lack of manners. Instead of reacting to this with his own smart-ass comment, he bowed in respect for his opponent was a second year as he was a first. He held up his wooden katana, nearly bigger than his body. The sensei signaled the fight as he saw the two ready. A quick patter of footsteps swept the floor as the dashed towards each other. Clank, a clash of wooden blades popped through the air, following another series of small wooden strikes. Surprisingly, the two were nearly even. The only advantage was to Sonomori's opponent in which was at-least 3 feet taller than him. Of course, this might have been a equal advantage for Sonomori. His opponent always had to strike downwards, never upwards or from the side. Sonomori would just easily duck against these attacks instead of dodging. It was a predictable movement, however the same was for Sonomori whom could only strike upwards. It was a equal stalemate for the two. "I take back what I said about you kid, your not that bad." Sonomori smiled at his opponents compliment, thrusting forward his sword at his opponent. "You too." The clashes of wood continued until the instructor blew his whistle, signaling them to stop. This was but many duels that Sonomori would have over his first year. A few wins against the younger first years, and a few defeats from the second years. He trained very digitally, striving to be the best in his class. Most of the time his young age held him back, the usual people talking about him behind his back. He didn't care. They knew nothing about him, and he didn't care to know much about himself either. The first year passed very slowly for the students, probably due to their youth. At the end of the year, there was to be a exit exam for the first years. From the brackets rolling and the peering eyes, it was enough to make any 6 year old nervous. His name was called, the director of the exam yelling it out with a slip of paper in his hands. The nervous 6 year old walked up to the arena, meeting his rather large opponent. He was up against one of his classmates, probably the one who is always talking behind his back. The two readied their wooden katana. A loud whistle and shot of drums cracked the air as the two rushed at each other. A patter of feet with the clashing of wood. It was sure that it would be a quick fight. However as to who would win is a different story. Sonomori's footing quickly shifted within the draw of swords, his right foot sliding into the ankle of his opponents. With the toppling of his opponent, Sonomori quickly overcame his opponent in which was twice is size. A smash of wood upon the head, the instructors simply stunned. The big man in which was facing against the 6 year old boy, had collapsed over with a knot on his head. Sonomori had won. A 6 year old first year toppled a large man in his late 20's at least. This was a massive uproar. However, to his classmates this was no surprise. The all assumed that he had won because of the teacher's extra training. Everyday he stayed 3-4 hours later than all the other students to train with the sensei. To him it was a daily need. Considering his age he needed all the extra practice and it appears that it had paid off. From this victory, he obtained his second year. Surely this was a feat to behold, a 6 year old kid going to second year in his first try. However, this was only the beginning of the challenges.

(3 Years Later)
It's been a few months since the second year exit exam. Sadly, Sonomori failed his first attempt at the exam. However he had just passed it, crushing his opponent with a single blow. Now he was a few months into his third year. By this time they were already getting ready to choose zanpaktou as well as hunt hollow. The second bell sounded, it was time for kidou class. The students got up to the line, facing their palm at the target as the chanted their kidou in unison. A loud shout came from the courtyard in which they were practicing "Shakkahou!" A blazing red ball of fire shot from each of the students hands, some exploding before they even ejected. One of which that landed on the targets was the one standing next to Sonomori. Not to the instructors surprise, Sonomori's shakkahou barely even built up the energy to form. Thus, it exploded in his hand. "Sonomori, you have to focus more into your palm. You can't just call out the incantation and hope you launch a kidou." Sonomori had heard this a hundred times. He knew how to do it, but he just couldn't summon up the energy to do it. It appeared to alot of people as though his small body could not generate enough energy at the time to use kidou. However, some instructors argued that he just had to much spiritual energy to control. Despite everything they said, the fact remained he could not use kidou, meaning he would never pass his third year. He knew he had to learn no matter how much training he put himself through. He stayed after class as he normally did, practicing till the sun set behind the horizon. A few nights it would take the call of the instructor to get him off the field practicing. One night, after the school hours, a captain had visited the school to pick out the final year students in which he would like in his squad. Him and the director walked across the stepping stone unto the main campus. As the began to walk up into the corridor where the kidou training was to be done, they heard a loud crash of fire and burning wood. The captain asked, "And what might that have been?" The instructor shook his head in shame and said politly "I'm sorry thats probably my student practicing kidou." A surprised look appeared on the captains face "Still? Its far past student hours. I think I'm going to pass this student a visit." He walked down to the door, slowly sliding open to doors to a 9 year old kid in front of a blazing fire on the ground. "EH?!?!?" Yelled out the kid, covered in dust and ash as he tried to stomp out the fire. He barely even noticed the captain walking up behind him. "Practicing kidou this late are we?" Sonomori jumped up in surprise as he stepped out the last of the cindering ashes. It seemed that a piece of wood had flown upon the ground in front of him. The captain looked over to the targets, the entire face of one of the targets being completly blow off, the piece of wood under the kids foot being the leg in which would have held up the target. The instructor walked over to Sonomori in amazement. "Why is it that do you don't do that when we are in class?" Sonomori held his head in shame replying "I'm afraid I'm going to mess up and kill someone. If I cant control the damage then imagine what would happen if I misfired. The guy who works so hard next to me wouldn't even be able to graduate anymore." However this did not change the opinion of his instructor whatsoever, but he did now know the true cause of why he couldn't use kidou. Its not that he simply could not use the energy, he could not control it and was afraid that he would hurt someone. The captain looked over his shoulder and said "Well how about you try this one more time and I'll give you some personal pointers." Sonomori's face lit up with joy, the fact that he would get some advice from a captain was rare even for the final years. He rose his hand up to aim at the target, reciting the incantation from memory as he built up his reiastu. The captain put his hand on the child's shoulder, "Fire it" a moderate blast of fire shot from the boy's hand outwards at the target, just barely exploding in front of it. It was as if he mastered it. "See? Much better hmm?" It was obviously perfect at this point, however he did not know why. "My spiritual pressure caused your reiastu to drain at the moment you fired. So do you see your mistake?" Sonomori was still moderately confused, he was only 9 after all. The captain took his hand off Sonomori's shoulder, "Now try it again. Match the feeling of the last one to this one." Sonomori began to repeat the action, a ball of fire forming in his palm as Sonomori closed his eyes. At the instant he fired, it was as if something held him back. A thought snapped into his head, if he just charged for less time then the blast wouldn't be as powerful. As the incantation was done, he shot the blast out as fast as he could. This caused his reiastu to launch before it had compiled into a massive blast. However he knew that if he just shot it out as fast as he could it would explode in his hand, thus he shaped the reistu like it was being shot out of a cannon, his hand being the barrel. Surely enough the blast shot outwards into the field, igniting one of the targets. "Ahh, perfect. I think you get the concept now." Sonomori looked up to the captain smiling, "Thank you so much!." He ran off without the formal goodbye, grabbing his things and disappearing into the distance. "That kid shows promise don't you think, I've never seen someone so young get it so quickly." The two continued about their business through the rest of the night.

(1 Year Later)
Its the final year start. Most students enrolled are well over 20 years old. However amongst these is a student who is only a mere 10 years old. It is the day for the hollow slaying exam. Zanpaktou's are finally being issued out to the students. They call the names of the fourth years up one by one to receive the training zanpaktou that will bind itself to their soul and form a weapon. "Number 19!" Sonomori is called. He walked from the crowed and up to the man, standing barely half his height. The man looked down, sort of surprised on how small he was. He picked a zanpaktou off the rack, placing it in the boy's hands. Sonomori tied it to his side and walked back into line. This was the true beginning of become a real shinigami. The students just got their main partner. It will become much more interesting now. A few hours after the issuing finished, the instructor for the fourth year class called up all of his students attending the hollow practice hunt. They would be going to the real world to train on dummy hollows. The class lined up in rows, the students curiously looking to the front of the line to see where they were going. Short after they were organized, the instructor began to lead them into the portal of the living. They stepped through in pairs of 3, the 3 beside them being the partners. The order in which the partners was decided was done on the number your zanpaktou was. 19 would have been paired with 29 and 39, 20 would have been paired with 30 and 40, and so on. The order was due to the large amount of fourth yea students. Sonomori's team approached the gate, their eyes peering vaguely into the swirling vortex of blue and white covered by a outline of stone as a gate. They each stepped one foot in first, then following up with their entire body. Supposedly for the first time people it was a very strenuous task to travel between worlds. Then again some people also found it very amusing. As the light began to darken at the end of the tunnel of swirling blue and white, a picture began to form in the view. It was that of a small town. They stepped outwards, their feet planting upon the roof a building as they lined back up in their rows of three and proceeded to the area in which they would be instructed on what to do. Each student lined up to the area, a big clearing upon the top of a roof. The main director walked up from behind a few of the highest ranking seniors at the academy. "In this drill you will be fighting dummy hollow" From the point of the students he continued on most about the stuff they already knew and the things that they would have to do to complete the mission with a passing grade. From amongst the directors words a few statements caught the attention of Sonomori's ears. "The team that gets the best score shall automatic become a second semester academy student." This seemed like a very interesting chance for him. "If there arn't any question you may begin, the one with the most hollow kills wins!" A dash of three man teams shot out from each direction in a flurry to win. Sonomori's team shot off to the left, "Alright guys since these are dummy hollows then we should just outsmart them, we will distract one from the front and finish it from the back with a kidou." A rude implement from behind Sonomori replied "Who made you the leader?" Sonomori didn't even bother to answer to this stupid question. He knew that this was the smartest way to get the most points. The other one just stayed quiet. As they moved forward they saw another team getting completely destroyed by a dummy hollow. It appeared that these dummy hollow were definitely not as weak as intended. "Shakkahou!" A blazing red fire blew from Sonomori's hand as the passed, crashing into the hollow and blowing it to pieces before it even noticed he was there. "One down" Sonomori said in a cocky attitude. Sonomori's teammates smirked, moving at a faster pace towards a hollow in front of them. The assumed formation quickly, surrounding the hollow in a triangle. The front two drew their zanpaktou, Sonomori sliding in from behind as the two in the front brought down their katana. The dummy hollow jumped back, as planned flying right into Sonomori's zanpaktou. It as quickly slashed in half, his teammates counting "Two down" The hunt continued for hours, "Twenty three down" from the left, "Forty six down" from the right. They hunted down a total of 72 dummy hollow. The amount released was well over 500. It appeared that more than 20 of the teams where either defeated or disqualified for some reason. The night passed on and the students were called back. From this point only a fraction of the students that came here were still standing. Sonomori's team standed tall. They were sure they had the highest score. Even the instructors were impressed on their cooperation. Even more so that their team contained what would seem like a prodigy 10 year old. They walked down, the director pulling a piece of paper from the envelope. They called the names inside, it appeared that more than just a few people were getting promoted. "Haku, Sonomori, Zenzo, ect" He kept continuing on. It appeared that as they thought, their team had been chosen to go to second semester. A few moments later, the ones that wern't called walked out. At this point there was little than 10 of us left. Sonomori's full team was easily there. The director began to speak, "You have shown the teamwork skills and power to be declared not only second semester students. This was the exit exam for the fourth year, and all of you standing here passed it with flying colors." All the students faces lit up, they had passed the fourth year without even knowing they were taking the exit exam. It was truly a high point for all of the students there.

(A few months later)
Each student that had passed the hollow examination was now a full fledged shinigami. They each had their own uniform, their own zanpaktou and now they had to pick their own squad. It isn't a very difficult thing to do. However, the rest of their lives depended on which squad they would choose. Would they choose the front lines 11th squad? The kidou squad 4th? The assasination squad 2nd? It all depending on what the shinigami would want to do for the rest of his or her lives. For Sonomori the choice was a bit of a hard decision. He wanted his shikai to match the squad in which he was going to enroll in. This was a difficult task because he had not even began to think he could master shikai. In the end he might even stay at the academy a few more years to mature and learn his shikai. Most students at this point just join what they think is cool, and their shikai ends up being useful for what they chose. So if the time comes before it is mastered, that is the course of action. Plus to the fact that they don't let you stay at the academy any longer than the time it took you to graduate. In a desperate attempt to learn it before he was forced to choose his squad, Sonomori set out to the edge of the rukongai where he would perform extense training throughout the rest of the year, in which time he would have to choose. It took a few days to travel from the gate out to the edge, but with a little effort he made it there shortly before nightfall. "Hmmm.. its going to be dark soon. I'll probably need to set up camp here just encase." The words echoing out into the darkening trees as he pulled out the supplies he had brought. He set up a few rods, attaching a small overcoat to them. Then set it down on the ground like I tent. "Alright now I'm going to need some firewood. He looked around his campsite to check if there was anything. To his advantage there was a recently fallen tree nearby in which he gathered his firewood from, kindling it into a pile and lighting it on fire. The rest of the night was spent on guard, and in a mild sleep. As the sun rose the next morning the fire was already burnt out, Sonomori awaking with a yawn and stretch. It only took him but a few minutes to pack back up his things and keep moving. He was headed to the waterfall. The residents that he had passed in the rukongai had told him to stay away from it, mostly they were worried because he was only 10 years old and trying to go out into the wilderness by himself. However, Like always this didnt even so much as hinder his plans. The residents told of hollow that have been seen around the area, giving the perfect opportunity to get some real battle experience. A few hours of travel lead him to a large clearing with a beautiful waterfall in the middle, pouring out hundreds of gallons into the river below. Sonomori walked up to the river, splashing some water in his face before taking a drink. "Well this seems like the best of places." He began to set back up his camp, only setting up the tent. "I'll just have to gather the firewood later." He unsheathed his zanpaktou, planting it in the ground in front of him. He pulled a book from his backpack, flipping through the pages as if it were a manual. "Ahh here it is, the best method for obtaining shikai. Hmmm.. It says here that the best way to obtain it would be to through yourself into a life or death situation to where you must cooperate with your sword, or die. Well that sounds pretty dangerous." Sonomori laughed to himself, unaware that there was a hollow lurking within the shadows around him. A few moments after he had read the line, a lion like hollow sprang from the trees, Sonomori reflexively grabbing the hilt of his sword and swinging it out of the ground at the hollow. The tip of the blade sliced into the mask, causing the hollow to topple to the side in pain as it dissipated into the air. "Phew.. that was a close one. I suppose I should be a tad bit more careful." The days continued. A few hollow attacks now and then. It was fairly boring other than the strict training. More or less he focused mainly on building up his own strength with the sword, practicing the kendo that was taught at the academy. Even though his body was small, it began to build as he had to hunt for his food and take care of himself. It was true when they said that living in the wilderness is the best of training you can obtain. He barely kept himself entertained by reading books that he had brought. This kept him both knowledgeable in both his mind and his body.

(8 months later.)
As time closed closer to the time limit, a peaceful day turned into a struggle for life and death. Sonomori had been training constantly out in the wilderness for about 8 months now, learning how to fend for himself with ease. One day, as the night began to draw near, Sonomori was setting up his camp for the night. He went out to gather firewood, as usual carrying his katana. From within the trees came forth a loud roar. A blazing screech of combined hollow voice pounding into the forest. In a second, hundreds of eyes began to open around Sonomori, circling his body like a pack of wolves. It appeared that his constant killing of hollow in the area and finally drawn the main pack. From each side rushed a hollow, a flash of metal flying at each of them as they came, some attacks missing while others striking. Blood poured from the dissipating wounds of each hollow he killed, but to no end whatsoever. The hollow just kept coming. It was no end in sight, and things were getting grim. Sonomori's small figure could not last for much longer. He desperately lashed out at a hollow charging him. The claws of the beast mixed with the misty breath behind the mask slowly clashing with the zanpaktou, sending a spark into the air. They twisted around, the hollow jumping off the blade. Sonomori's small figure was thrown back, lowering his stance for a split second due to the shock. As he was regaining his stance, the hollow bounced off the ground in front of him, launching it's body forward faster than the previous dash. The claws rose into the darkened air, racing towards the boy with a vicious intent to kill on contact. Stumbling to attack, the boy lost his focus in the sight of the hollow. The area turning trey around him like he was about to die. It all seemed to be in slow motion, the inability to react in the face of a life or death situation. A voice called in his head, "redirect through space.... Kaishin!" It was as if he was calling these words himself, a shot of energy flying through his body as his sword began to glow a shining white. A symbol began to burn painlessly into Sonomori's right and left hands. His sword fading into mid air as the symbols completed. In confusion an instinct took over, Sonomori throwing out his arm into the air, his two fingers of his right hand pointing directly at the face of the hollow. A singe began to form in the air in-front of his fingers. A blade shot outwards into the air, faster than the hollow's movements it completed the extension direction into the mask of the hollow. The blade quickly retracting as fast as it shot outwards back into the singe. It was obvious to him now that he had obtained shikai, and without realizing it he had said those words.

(A few seconds earlier inside of his mind.)
Sonomori appeared within a strange world, looking around to spectate where he was. He was in complete confusion. The last thing he remembered was the area turning gray and the fierce red eyes of the hollow inches away from his body. Suddenly a man appeared behind him, "Wondering where you are?" Sonomori turned around startled as could be. He looked up to the figure, dressed in a ripped up coat of pure white. "Um, yes actually" In a quick response the man replied "You are inside of your mind, I am your sword Kaishin." Sonomori's face lit up with excitement, "Really?!?!" The man nodded, touching the forehead of his body with the tips of his fingers. "My ability is quite simple, I'm sure you can understand. From the control of my two fingers, index and middle, I can dematerialize myself into absolutely nothing, and reform elsewhere. Needless to say I as in the blade." Sonomori replied curiously, "So all I have to do is focus on a point, and mark it with my fingers and the blade will come out?" Kaishin looked down at the boy, "Pretty good deduction, however there is much more to it than just that. If you noticed, there are markings on both of your hands. Do know what that means?" Sonomori brought up his hands to look at them, "Two blades?" A smile lit up on the zanpaktou's face "Why yes, you can re materialize two different blades of 7 feet length anywhere within your visual range as long as you mark them with your fingers. As you progress you will gain many more abilities than just this. Now I suppose you will need some practice as eh? Before I send you back you must pierce me once with your attacks. Or you will stay trapped in your mind forever." Sonomori's jaw just simply dropped. "Well I suppose it would be good practice," a smirk lighting up on his face as his fingers pointed to a area singeing on the area in front of his zanpaktou. A blazing fast blade shot outwards to the flowing backwards figure. The blade had missed. "Late timing, you were too slow." Sonomori continued to shoot his fingers outwards, blades flying out of singes in the air around his zanpaktou. The blades missed one after another. It appeared that his zanpaktou was much to fast. "Sonomori, the speed of your blades depend on how fast you flick your fingers at the target, if your only moving them a small bit they will be so slow that your opponent will dodge." Sonomori jumped back, the tips of his fingers moving inward without the use of his arms. "And remember, the angle of the blade depends on the angle of your fingers." However, Sonomori had already figured this out, as a diagonal blade shot down from behind Kaishin's shoulder. Kaishen looked back, another singe forming in front of his stomach at the movements of his fingers. His shoulder clipped the blade, twisting to avoid the pierce of his stomach. "Eh pretty good for a beginner." He smirked, the world swirling inwards into the newly forming consciousness of the world. As he awoke from his mind the hollow in front of him had been pierce clean through. His head turning left then right, a quick flicker of the wrist and a scream. A blade had come down on a hollow to his right. It pierced his head clean through. The hollow dissipated upwards into the air, a screech of pain and agony rippling into the air. All the hollow began to flood inwards in a swarm. As each hollow rushed from the bush into the clearing, a quick flick of the wrist followed. As each hollow came a sing appeared above their head, the timing slicing and piercing them as they came. Each of their bodies floated up into the air in the form of a dark mist. This continued for hours, sharpening the senses of the boy and maturing his reiastu. A flurry of metal ended the rampage, the last hollow had jumped from its confines to be pierced from the underside. The beast dissipated in black mist into the dark sky, fading from existence as the boy collapsed over in exhaustion. The symbols upon his hands faded slowly back into the sheath tied to his side. His eyes shut, falling into a deep sleep.

(A few days later)
He awoke beside the water, the sun just rising from the horizon. He sat up, looking around with a crushing headache. "I wonder how long I was out." His eyes wandered around the area, covered in slash marks and dismantled trees. With a quick flip unto his feet, he began to walk over to his camping supplies, the horrid smell of rotting food filling his nose. "Dammit I must have been out for at least 3 days, all my food has gone bad." He picked the food out of his tent and tossed it into the woods, cleaning out the insides as he did so. "Well, I suppose I should head back to the seriete. They are probably going to call for squads in a few weeks." A snap, then the sound of folding following a yawn broke his conversation, even though it was to himself. He packed all of the stuff upon his back, surprised at how utterly light the material was. A quick note of how much he had grew over the few months. He was at least 3 inches taller, now being 11 years old instead of 10. The path was a long way back, at least 20 miles. In a sense it only took him about a week to reach the area, so he figured it would take about a week to go back. A few hollow attacks now and then, but more or less it was a rather enjoyable trip. The loud voice of a man called out with a waving arm as he approached the rukongai. Sonomori walked up to him, "Eh what is it." The old man panted for a second, "They are starting the squad selection early you might want to get a move on it before your written out." Sonomori began to dash towards the seriete gate, waving back at the old man, "Thanks oji-san." He ran straight past the gate, the guards looking back and thinking " what the hell?" He blew through the doors to the academy, rushing out into the courtyard where they had already began. He had completly forgot the fact that his equipment was still on his back. He dropped it down, the eyes peering at him as he did so. One of the instructors yelled out "Take a seat, no more disruptions from you." Of course he obediently did so, sitting down on the 4th row from the platform in which the instructors where standing on. This was the final graduation ceremony, all the captains gathering. They called out his name, "Sonomori" and continued as he got out of his seat. He walked up to the left side, placing his piece of paper in the box set for squad two, and walked back down to the courtyard to take a seat. The ceremony lasted a few more hours, making everyone sit patiently as they called the final names. At the end of the ceremony each shinigami was told to go behind the captain in a army style formation to receive their squad jackets. At the end of the day, all the students went home to rest, and continue on the next day as full fledged shinigami.

(15 years later)
A call for all assassination experts was issued for the 2nd squad. over the many years Sonomori had learned be one of the quietest assassins the in the world. His shikai especially helped this fact, due to its very discretionary ability. In the middle of the night, all the squad 2 shinigami where assembling. The captain walked in front of the armada style formation and began giving the instructions. "This is very important, an escaped convict has just been sighted in the rukongai. He is very dangerous and should be taken out with extreme caution. Your job is to find and kill this man." She held up a picture, though hardly any of us could see it in this darkness. Sonomori managed to catch a small glimpse of it though. It really looked like something straight out of hell. The man in the picture looked like his face was shot right through a blender, the scars everywhere on his face. "Dismissed!" the captains rather loud voice pierced the ears of all the shinigami. All of them shot outwards in each direction, all headed for the rukongai. Sonomori approached from the left wall, mounting himself on the edge as to look down and scout. His eyes crossed over a suspicious looking man, a scar being on his left cheek and forehead. The man was sneaking around as if he was trying to hide, it was obviously the criminal. However like all assassins knew, you could never be to sure in the world of assassination. Knowing this Sonomori waited patiently for the others to scout and define him as the criminal. He moved quickly, stalking the man as he passed through the rukongai. Along the way he started to pick up other scouts, it was now curtain that this was the man they were after. He ran back into the woods, a big mistake for those who are trying to escape. For Sonomori these woods where like his backyard. He had no chance now. The chase continued for a few hours, the man fleeing into a cave. "Hmmm.. This will be the perfect opportunity, there is an entrance on the other side." He thought to himself, watching foolishly as one of the scouts ran swiftly into the cave. Sonomori jumped around, entering from the far opposite side. He walked calmly through the cave, dark though it may be. He knew the entrances and exits well, it was nothing for him to navigate the cave to where the scout that had entered and the criminal was fighting. He could hear from behind a rock the sound of his comrade being slashed. The criminal had just cut down a squad 2 member in cold blood. "This is the perfect time to strike" he though to himself. "Redirect through space, Kaishin." His sword faded into the air as the man's head turned to see glowing red circles on a crouching man's hands. The hands where already full extended, the area mark singed into a outward flowing blade. A quick shot of metal, with the utter confusion of the darkness set forth a piercing blow to the criminal. A blade had came out from the front, the man reacting to jump back into another blade that was set horizontally, slashing into his back muscle. He fell over with a large gash in his back, coughing up blood as his back hit the ground. Pooling in blood his eyes looked over to the man walking towards him. "Game over." His hand shot downward into the air, a singe following at the man's neck from above him. A blade shot down through his throat, sending a fatal shock into his body. The last bit of blood coughed from his throat, spilling from the hole and unto the ground. "Well that's over with." He said, grabbing the collar of the man's shirt. "Now the hard part of dragging him all the way back to the seriete.. dammit maybe I should just call the squad." He walked out of the cave and gave a loud whistle, the sound breaching all the way back to the rukongai. He sat down, dropping the body on a nearby patch of grass as he waited for the recovery team. It was only a few minutes before the arrived, carefully examining the body. As they were doing so Sonomori slipped back off into the forest, probably heading back home. The scout looked up, only to see that the man who killed the criminal was gone. "Hmmm.. Alright men lets take this body back." They shuffled off into the distance with the body on a stretcher.

(2 years later.)
The captain had just finished briefing a new mission, this mission was said to be the most dangerous of all the missions that were ever given. The job was to hunt down a rouge shinigami who had just slaughtered 5 elite shinigami. It was a high class mission with high reward. Most of the squad backed down, too scared to do anything about it. Sonomori stood forward when she asked who was brave enough to do this mission. He glanced around, noticing that he was the only one to stand forward. "So you think you can take him?" The captain said arrogantly. "At least I can try, unlike these pathetic cowards." The captain laughed at Sonomori's comment, the scorn of the entire squad focused on him. "Well well, that's quite bold of you." The captain slid Sonomori a sheet of white paper, most likely the details of the mission. "So? Are you still up to it." Sonomori laughed, "Well If I backed down now I wouldn't be proving anything now would I?" The captain and him both laughed informally, making the lieutenant very uncomfortable. As Sonomori was walking out of the courtyard the captain yelled to him, "Don't get yourself killed." Even though Sonomori had no intention of doing such. From the sheet of paper the man was a former officer, exiled due to conspiracy. It said that the last whereabouts of the man was seen on earth. However, finding him was easier said than done. He had no leads as to which town, and the journey to the human world was one he had not done very often. After a few days of resting, Sonomori headed outwards into the human world, taking the gate in which he had used previously in his academy years. He appeared in front of a large shrine, obviously controlled by shinigami in gigais. Sonomori looked around, trying to find out where he was. A staircase downward came to his attention. He began to walk over to it, a large city appearing in the background. "Ahhhh this must be the town he was last seen in." His head moved side to side in a perspective gaze. He began to walk down the staircase, noting the people that walked by. It was a few hours before he had reached downtown. His eyes searched around, looking for what might perhaps be the target. "I'd search for his reiastu, but if he hasnt been found by now its because he is most likely suppressing it." He sighed softly, "What a pain... I wonder.." His head rose upwards, looking at the large mountain at the end of the city. "I guess I'll just check there." He said walking off into the distance. A few hours later he reached the road up the mountain, it was a dirt path. He began to walk up the road, his eye catching something floating around in the air. It appeared to be a trip wire. "Yea he's definitely here.." Sonomori jumped up into a tree branch, hopping over the trip wire and continuing up the mountain. "The reiastu is getting stronger, he is up here.." He thought to himself, hopping from tree to tree. As he reached the top of the mountain, a shrine came into view. it was well hidden from the road, it was a good think he was hopping in the trees to avoid the trip wires. He jumped down unto the ground, cautiously sneaking into the shrine. From within the shrine was a man sitting at the foot of a golden statue. It must of been the captain, there is no other with that kind of reiastu. "Hmmm.. I'm going to stray from my path of assassination" as he said walking out from the shadows. " The former captain looked over his shoulder "You will regret not killing me silently kid.." The man said whilst drawing his katana. "Eh, I'd prefer a head on fight." Sonomori said, dashing at his opponent with his katana flying out of it's sheath. The two blades clashed, throwing sparks into the air. Each of them jumped back, lashing out again at each other. The sparks flew into the air as the clang of metal filled the air. A downward strike from above fell upon Sonomori's sword, the man throwing the force of his weight and his strength thus cracking the wooden floor. Sonomori was thrown down into the ground, smashing the wooden floor into bits as it scattered dust up into the air. The man lashed back downwards at him, his katana gleaming in the light. A blade flew up from the ground, Sonomori's katana shooting up to meet his opponents as the clashed, throwing each other back. "Your not half bad kid, but its time to stop playing around." The man said whilst holding his sword. "Raise above the burning flames, Kaizen!" His blade began to boil red hot, steam flying up into the air from the burning steel. He lashed out his blade, the blade acting like a liquid, burning into the air at Sonomori. In a quick defense, Sonomori jumped back, flash stepping away from the liquid that was contracting back into his opponents sword. "Eh a shikai eh? Alright then. Redirect through space, Kaishin!" Sonomori's blade faded into his hands, the symbols forming upon his skin. The former captain lashed out, the hot metal burning the floorboards as it shot outwards at him. Sonomori shot his hand up quickly, a blade flying from the captains feet as Sonomori flash stepped upwards to the ceiling. The captain jumped back, lashing his sword outwards at the ceiling, the floor burning underneath. Sonomori crossed his arms at the ground, two blades blowing out the ceiling for him to flash step high above the metal as to not get burned. The entire ceiling began to light on fire, burning in the molten metal. The man jumped into the air. His body facing Sonomori. "Eh pretty good kid, I gotta give you this you can dodge an attack, however I still would have killed me while you hav the chance!" He lashed out his arm again, a wave of metal flying over the entire area surrounding Sonomori. Sonomori flash step back, the ascended higher into the air with downward flowing hands. Two blades shot out from above at the man, quickly slicing off parts of his jacket as he attempted to dodge. In a quick jolt, Sonomori rushed at the man, his arms flying in each direction as a blade singed out of the air in front of him, throwing him on defensive. The man jumped back, his blade rising above his head in a downward slash that blew away the metal of Sonomori's blades. The singes in the air now covered with molten metal and sealing up before the blades could pierce into his dimension. The massive wave of molten metal shot back up at Sonomori, being redirected through the man's hilt. Metal shot up at him faster than he could move, burning the bottom of his sandals and burning his coat. Quickly thinking, Sonomori jumped out to the side, the massive cloud of metal flying into the air, then turning back down to chase him. "Shit.. I cant keep this up much longer." he said as an idea stuck him. He flash stepped forward at the captain, his right arm flowing to the side, a marking singe appearing near the captain's neck. His left arm flowing down, a singe mark appearing out of the captains view to his side. The captain moved his sword up, the metal twisting as the blades flew out of the singes. Suddenly the man yelled out. "Bankai!" The metal glowing a hot white, the entire area being surrounded in a bright light. In the midst of the light the blades were melted out of the singe. As the darkness set back in, Sonomori caught a glimpse of his opponent. He was covered in a white hot metal, like he had become metal himself. The former captain through out his arm, a molten shot flying out with it from within the confines of his palm. Sonomori dashed over to the side, his hand flowing to the right. The singe appeared, the blade following out to clash with another metal. It had hit his neck, the metal surrounding his body had cooled in the instant to harden back into a solid and deflect the blade. "Shit.. this isn't good." The molten metal twisted around the blade, melting it into him before it could retreat back into the hole. "Damnit!" Another shot of metal flew outwards from the man, forming a tidal wave that Sonomori could not avoid. It flew up into the air, covering the sky with white hot metal. "Shit I'm done for if I don't do somthing." This though went through Sonomori's head as the world around him began to turn gray like it had before when he learned his shikai. A voice called in his head, "This all you got kid? Come on do I always have to save your ass." The world around him shattered, flowing into his mind as it did. Sonomori appeared before his sword. "Eh? Again.?" Sonomori said with a puzzled look. Kaishin lifted his hand up, bring it down on Sonomori's head. "IDOIT! what the fuck do mean again? I'm going to save your ass." Sonomori rubbed his head, "If your going to save my ass you might want to hurry the fucking hell up and do it. If you hadnt noticed we are about to die." Kaishin sighed, "Impatient as always.. I'm guessing you know what our bankai is then, correct?" Sonomori replied with confidence, "I've got a feeling I know what it is.." Kaishin nodded, "Then no further questions, the call is... Redirect through all.." The world once shattered again, Sonomori appeared back before the giant wave of metal. "Redirect through all, Bankai Kaishin!" The symbols on Sonomori's hands began to burn a hot white, refracting all the light from the metal as if it was nothing. A large circle began to flow from his body, almost like a shock wave that threw back the metal. The metal was like water, and the ring was wind. It blew back the metal upon his opponent like it was nothing. A massive amount of reiastu flying from his body as the circle completed its area. The former captain looked down at his feet, the area glowing. "A bankai huh? I didn't expect that from a kid like you." He said lashing his arm back out at his oppoent. "Then again you can't expect your death, "Sonomori's body moved freely in the area, appearing behind the man faster than he could even see. "Your in my domain, you wont live much longer." The man's eye widened in shock as singes appeared everywhere around the circle of light, blades flying up from all directions. Blades flew up from the two's feet as Sonomori's body faded. A graveyard of blades forming around them all the sound of metal clashed into the air. "HA you think your puny blades can pierce my armor!" Sonomori grinned, "They don't have too" Sonomori said, as a blade flew out from within the man's stomach. "Simply put, I can summon blades inside of an object. If they are standing still I will simply pierce them from the inside out." Sonomori's words echoed into the fading armor, the metal dissipating into the air along with the circle of light. The man's body began to fall to the ground, plowing into the temple with a crash. "Eh its a bit different from what I expected, but that'll do." Sonomori said as he fell back down to the ground with a soft landing, walking over to the dieing body of his opponent. "Well well, who was it that should have killed you while he had the chance?" The man coughed up blood and not words, perishing quickly from internal bleeding. "Well I suppose I should call the team, I wonder if they are around here anywhere..." As he said that, 9 scouts appeared behind him. "Good work, we'll take it from here." Sonomori sat down on a half broken bench, looking up at the destroyed roof. Time passed, and Sonomori went back to the seirete. For the next hundred years he would train on his skills, aiming to fully master his bankai.

(Remainder of years until the present have passed)

Current Residence: Seirete
Fighting Style: Close Range

Personality: Unlike many people, many forms and mindsets exist within Sonomori's mind. Almost like a split personality, however somewhat merged like a thread of different color sewn into a quilt. From his blood thirsty side, so the calm and gentle philosopher his mood can change in a second. However, it is not random nor will it ever be. His first side is his mask, his hypocrite self that ignores the darker thoughts. This side of him enjoys the simpler things in life, and tends to toy around with everyone he fights against. Like a philosopher, he ponders so many things, filtering reality from fiction, constantly battling the inner self. When chosen to make decisions, he would choose the logical over the illogical, to sacrifice a thousand for a million is an easy task. Human life is no consideration within his mind. Cruel though it may be, this is how it shall happen and will not change, for he is a one of hidden stubbornness brought on by his intelligence. Needless to say, he is the one who deceives all, including himself. His inner personality triggers at the excitement of a fight. This self in particular is overjoyed at the thought of killing, and given the chance to personally spill blood he kicks off the rest of the mind and does it without control. While he only appears in a fight, he is the most varied of people, and undoubtedly the single most intelligent being in the art of war that has ever stepped foot upon the soil that we call reality. From the mastering genius of strategy, to the engaged battle of swords it seems like he can do it all without even trying, truly a demon in the art of war. But like a diamond, his control is rare. As the fight begins to descend from interest, he will simply let the others take control and not care a bit about it in the end. Last, is the true Sonomori. The one who originally called the body his own. The other two personalities are just a spawn of his inner mind, for they are two parts of a whole that makes up his true self. He drives only for himself, and will accomplish only what he intends to. So much so, that he spawned off the others to control his body when he didn't wish to bother with the various movements of his body. This personality stays deep within his mind, watching from afar as what he does like the puppet master.
While all three of these personalities reside within Sonomori's mind, they do not fight for control and thus his mood is not randomly changed, for they all make up what he really is.

Squad: 2
Start Kidou[You get one]: Shakkahou

Zanpakut├┤ Spirit: Kaishin seems almost like a benevolent being. His entire body is covered in white leather, stained like it was bleached by purity. The white leather is complimented by his long, snow white hair, flowing all around his body that seems to give off a godly glow. Like his master, his eyes are a florescent blue, like a flowing sea of sapphire encased in a sphere. His skin also shares the same appearance, along with the overall body structure

Sealed Zanpakut├┤ : While unreleased, his form is that of a regular kodachi, a sword being 4-5 feet and resembles a shortened katana.

Shikai Description: While in shikai, the blade singes scar-like marks into Sonomori's hands. These marks are the only distinct alert that he has activated shikai

Shikai Abilities: When shikai is activated, the zanpaktou begins to break down in a micro substance. After breaking down it enters the host's body and begins to multiply like a virus. This is the basic form, and the "holding" stage.

The first stage of his shikai, is the excrete the virus from his body in the form of a macroscopic darkness., that is made up of billions of moving particles that make up the main body of the shikai. When the virus is used in this form, it can be used to decay minor living things around him, such as plants and small animals. In some cases it might even begin to decay the skin of a human who as little to no spiritual power. Direct contact would result in the slow process of the victim's reiatsu being broken down into food for the virus. However, as this process depends on the condension of the reaitsu that it touches, it could have either a major effect on the weak, or no effect on the strong. Most importantly, in this state it can only spread unto something that has direct contact with the host. Meaning, if the host were to let go of his victim then the virus would stop the breakdown and the remaining particles on their body would slowly die.

These are the abilities in this stage.

Kuroiken ( ??? )
- This ability allows the user to solidify the virus using his reiatsu. The virus can be solidified into many different shapes and forms, however the most basic uses for it are to form a quick blade in which to gaurd or make quick strikes with. Because the user must condense his reiatsu over the virus, the changes cannot be instant, nor can he control the shape. In the end, this will end up feeding the virus his reiatsu.

Stage two of his shikai is a parasitic form of the first version. In stage two the virus begins to eat all types of reiatsu, including the user's and anything around it. This will cause a massive consumption of reiatsu that would result in death for the user if held over a certain amount of time. Like all absorption, this one is limited. All the reiatsu that is stored, will be released upon entering bankai, or existing shikai. If the strain is to much on the user then his body will tear to shreads, so he has to be very careful not to overuse this.

These are the abilities in stage 2

Kuroitate ( ???????? )
- This ability creates a shield of absorbing particles on a designated part of the user's body. It can be used to form a literal shield, to a coating that lays on the skin.

Makikesei ( ?????? )
-This ability latches on a reiatsu draining parasite, that is usually the size of tick. When this parasite reaches it's peak it will exploded, damaging the opponent greatly. However, there is a major flaw in this. The user cannot stop it once it has started. If the opponent wishes too he/she could turn this attack against him. Sonomori has one counter to this method, and that is to quickly send a large amount of reiatsu into it, to detonate it in the opposite direction. Using this method while is stage two, however, would result in a massive loss of reiatsu, and possibly towards death.

Release: Effectuate ,Kurogaidoku ( ???????? )

Bankai Description: When bankai is activated, the strange markings on the user's hands spread upwards to his shoulders and unto his chest like tribal markings. The darkness that was stored in his body begins to slowly flow outwards like a darkened reiatsu, giving off a very intimidating feeling.

Bankai Abilities: The bankai is a activation of all the stored reiatsu that was absorbed in shikai. When bankai is activated the virus begins to burn off the reiatsu, giving the fiery appearance. What this does is it increases his strength more than ten fold, heightening his senses and giving him a crushing spiritual pressure. In bankai there are two stages, like shikai.

The first stage is the main form of his bankai. It is the form that replenishes his lost reiatsu with the mass of reiatsu gained from shikai. This is the output form. While in his output form there are a few specific attacks.

Myaku ( ??? )
-This ability pulsates the user's reiatsu massively, like a chainsaw. When this technique is in use, his reiatsu that surrounds him will rip flesh from bone like it was nothing at all. In addition, this can be focused to his hands to deliver a crushing area-of-effect attack that sends somewhat of a sonic boom into a 50 meter radius. The reiatsu vibrates the air so fast that it begins to deteriorate the matter, creating a giant crater when used.

Oshitama ( ?????? )
-This ability compresses a mass of air into the user's fist, pressuring it with over a hundred thousand pounds of pressure. When his fist is thrusts forwards and his palm is opened, a massive air mass bursts out at the speed of sound. This causes a force that can be condensed for maximum damage, or a widened blast that can stun the opponent.

Teikirema ( ??????? )
-This ability compresses a packet of air under the user's feet. When released, it can propel the user and twice the speed of a regular shupou with up to 10x the accuracy.

Stage two is meant as a final resort. When stage two is activated, all the free reaitsu in, and around the user's body instantly compresses into the user. The user's muscles condense power that is 100x his normal strength, his kidou is amplified a thousand times over, and all other forms of reiatsu are disabled. This form is a final resort, because as it sounds, it will kill the user in 10 minutes, and temporary paralyze them after deactivation. However, that is usually all the time that would be needed.

Roleplay Sample: -Sonomori slid down the bank of a large dune, the sand slipping beneath the wooden sandals latched to his feet. The wooden impression plopped into the bottom of the sand bank, the wooden extensions sinking into the sand with the majority of his feet. His flowing sapphire eyes gazed serenely around his this arid place, scanning for any sign of life. "Well this place is dead..." He said to himself in a bit of a depressed tone. Sonomori pulled his feet from beneath the shifting sand, the wind beginning to pick up from behind. Sand blew wildly off the top of the dune, raining down on Sonomori's head as he shook it off in a quick twitch of his head. "Well I better get going before I'm buried alive under this shit." His voice almost echoed out into the distance with an agitated tone. He wandered for a few miles, leaving the crossing prints of his feet to blow away in the changing tide of dry grain. The serene glow of his sapphire eyes became florescent in the imposing twilight, glimmering in the light of the setting sun as they pierced over the horizon.

From the setting sun, cried out a piercing roar of a beast. "I guess their is life in this God forsaken desert, but not exactly what I was looking for I suppose.." Sonomori said hopping up to the top of the nearest dune. His eyes gazed downwards, seeing the dark skin and ghost white mask of a rather weird beast. His hand flowed silently to his sword, slowly unsheathing the almost silver metal. The amber glow of the sun bounced of the reflecting metal, giving it the orange tint around its edges. Glares slowly slipped off like water to the tip, his stance slowly forming with the blade moving towards this pitiful creature. It slowly tilted down, a quick flash of lines, almost creating an afterimage slid downwards to it's back. The cold metal slide into the neck of the beast, piercing into its crimson red blood with the glow of the amber sun. A loud scream escaped from the mask, piercing like a nails on a chalkboard into his ears. "Shut up will you.." His hand slowly drove upwards with the cruel intent of his words, seperating the flesh and bone. The blade slung upwards into the air, the moving path of the metal slashing the windpipe of the hollow. A shock of pain slid through the hollows body, it's flesh slowly turning into the dark mush that lost it's opacity as it dissipated into the air.


Level 2 Admin
The night was tranquil, as calm as the flowing seas. Tides slowly rose as the full moon came into sight's grasp. It lit up the alien world with beautiful lunar lights. Even the water seems to shine like crystals. They flowed with such grace, that the ocean performed a dance in their harmony. Life was in perfectious state ,and, as the water rippled in distortions, the moon was cut in twain. The reflection, split by a black crack in the fabrics of reality. A hand peered it's way through the hole, chipping at the surface. With one faint whisper of darkness the entire sky became broken in. The rip was abstract, leading across the sky. It could be viewed in between the beautiful arrangement of stars, so close that you could almost touch it, but so distant that you could never reach it. It provoked a mixture of feelings throughout the island, not disturbing the balance for all was still and silent. All that could be heard was the calm whisper of the flowing ocean, and faintly, ever so faintly, the sound of closing footsteps. Time seemed to stop, the world was slowed down to a halt in it's prime beauty. "Wonderful, this world is so lovely." The man's voice was heard everywhere, so powerful yet so gentle. Everything about it seemed to compromise another part, within perfect balance. He jumped down from the rift in the sky and landed upon the soft, silky sands of the beach, arising like he was being reborn anew. The sands felt as if they were eroding his past and future, leaving him only in the present. His cold, dark eyes peered over into the flowing ocean. "A sea of lights." Stunned, the words that could utter from his mouth were few, for the view was breathtaking. But he knew he was not here for the view.

The man brought his attention into what lay beyond the sea itself. For this would was only an illusion of the reality that lay broken in shambles under it. Water became weightless as it flowed into the never ending skies. His mere presence was lifting the veil of fiction, hurdling the world into the deepest reality. Once, when the water was out of view, a flicker of light lit up the distance sky. A ball of fire, breaking the atmosphere. Like a prophet it told the story of demise, leaving only the fires of hell in the remaining world. Without the illusion clouding the island, it appeared naked to him, as it was upon the day it was forged in the fiery bowls of hell. Lava spewed from the ground, splashing up into view from the scarred ground, riddled with trenches and cracks that permeated all of his view. "So this is what it has done. The world was lead into this dismay while I was asleep." Laughter came over him, hysteria of sorts. "And to believe that I thought it would not happened, that this would was untouchable." He clinched the right side of his face with all of his might, pushing back his rigged insanity. "A lot of things can happen in a thousand years." Taking back control of his sanity he moved on to the matter at hand, the world before him. "Ruin, if those predictions were true then so it the beast." Flickering lights drew his attention from the horizon, a mass of small explosions. At the distance he was, it could have been many of things. Lava, soaring up into the sky, or methane gas combusting in the heat. No, it was none of these things. In his heart he knew the cause of this. A thing that was part of his life since the beginning of his existence, the beginning of man kind. "Someone, is fighting?" The words were cut off from each other in his speaking, struck almost still at the thought that another would still be alive. Almost before he could even finish the last letter of the last word his body vanished, struck across to baron world of destruction.

His body soon approached the site of the explosions, narrowing closer and closer into view. A man, two women, and a giant. They were locked in battle. The man had lunged up into the air, striking at the beast with all his might, however the beast just slapped it away with it's massive arm. The mortal body tumbled across the ground, ravaging the flesh even further then it already was. But, what was now visible was terrifying to him. The two women that he had belied to be fighting, were undoubtedly on the brink of death. Blood stained the ground around their motionless figures. This battle, had not been a short one. Surely it had lasted days, weeks even, and it struck him that these were the final stand of the race. "This is bad, I need to get to them in time." His thoughts raced more and more as he grew closer, anything he could think of went by his mind faster then he could bring it into comprehension. "Shit those two women are dead." "Wait no, they are alive, but barely." "Can they be saved?" "Damnit! I don't I have to save them." Without thinking any further he thrusted his body in front of the killing blow that would have silenced the injured warrior once and for all. "Hey, get yourself together your not dead yet." His voiced called down to the injured warrior, half beaten to oblivion. "I'm going to kill this thing so just hang on." His hangs began to emit a strange light, strange because it in itself was not light. It was darkness, black light. Suspended without gravity, it acted upon it's own will, or rather the will of the mysterious man. Like vines it grew over the fist and up upon the shoulder with a deathly grasp. As it reached the end of the arm the tips slashed into the flesh and shattered the bone completely with a massive twist. Blood spewed like a fountain all into the sky. As it rained the monster's blood the man pulled with all his force upon the vines that ripped each tendon and split bone from it's place, tossing the air off into the air. It landed into a boiling furnace of lava which spiked up in the drowning sound of agonizing screams. Horrid, so horrid were the screams of the beast that he could no longer stand it. Like a gun his arm cocked from it's place and into the chest of the beast, silent until the crashing of air ripped the insides of the beast in twain and out the back of him. "Filthy things!" His force had caused a sonic boom inside of it, leaving the remaining intact flesh to fly out of control and off into the distance with the greater portion toppling over to the ground. Covered in blood, the man walked over to the injured warrior, seeing him take heavy, heavy breaths. He was gasping for air. "Damn, your lung is punctured, hold on." Placing his blood soaked hand over the chest of the man, the black lights slipped into the flesh and bone without resistance. "This will be painful but please bare with it." Like needle and thread it sewed up the incisions in the soft flesh, draining out the lesser blood. Coughing up blood his gasping for air was drowned by the words he tempted to speak. "I- In that tower." That, was all he could get out before passing out from the pain. But, for a brief second he had the energy to point off into the distance. His hand, lay facing directly at something that seemed impossible to miss.

His head turned, looking over to the towering structure. "How could I have missed that!?" It was a pillar that pierced the sky itself. Clouds were swirling like whirlpools at the tip, spewing lightning down unto the base. "Well, I think I just found out what is causing all this." Slowly he rose from his position to gaze up at the tower. Unlike before he was not mesmerized by something great that stood in his way. He was filled with the undieing wanting to destroy. Something that he could have not held back any longer broke through the surface of his personality. The insanity, was indeed back. Without thinking he began to walk at the door, a massive gate that was riddled with the bones and flesh of humans. Infact, it was made of the bones and flesh of humans. Their remains were trapped, as trapped as their souls. The sins of all his people were inside of this tower, and he knew that he could not escape what he had done. With one massive blow he broke the door, scattering the screaming souls of the dead with their rotting corpses into the air. It exploded inwards and released an stench so fowl it brought tears to the man's eyes. Before him was a enormousness spiral of stairs that lead all the way into the infinity we know as heaven. Though, it was not to exist as we knew it. Jumping up, his body was propelled past the stairs and up the center. Gravity was absent in this tower, friction was vain. The body continued to accelerate until it hit a barrier, something that didn't block but concealed the hidden world. It brought him up into the outer world, a world beyond their own. Soaring like an eagle, the man looked down. "Tsk, I figured as much." Below him, lay nothing. This was a world which you could not escape from. Everything below his feet was being blocked off from return. There was only one option, to continue forward into the tip of the tower. His gaze was straight up, enough to see the light at the end of this hellish tunnel. It only lasted for a moment, his body passing into the chamber that is. As soon as he had seen the light he looked down with the knowledge that he was here.

An echo filled his ears. What was it? He didn't know it until he realized exactly where he was. Before him was a mask, ignited in fire that he could not describe. And in front of it, was something that he could not mistake. A beast, not of this world or any other. "Wings a a bat, head of a lion, claws of a tiger, eyes of an eagle." "You a chimera, aren't you." The beast roared in adrenaline, protecting the mask with his life. But before it could make the next move off went it's arm, severed at the shoulder. He was no longer in any mood to deal with the things as they were now. Though he knew it would have little effect. From the blood that spewed outwards came flesh and bone that regenerated the cells back into it's form. With another scream of power it struck again, lashing it's head outwards in a fierce bite. Acidic saliva spewed out all around him, making it nearly impossible for him to move. "I don't have to move to kill you." Black lines moved from his figure, splitting up into a thousand projectiles that splintered so far into the body that it was impossible for him to move any further. Each line was so precise that they each pierced the part of the seal that binded this creature together. If it were to move now it would break up into a mass of flesh and scatter itself into death. And, without a mind of it's own the twitching beast did. In a manner so gruesome it is unthinkable. What was left now was only the thing in front of him, the mask that could end all of this. He walked up to it, grabbing the cold, metallic edge. "And with this, I can edge this world."

(To be continued. . .)

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