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Demon Master (Earth)

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1Demon  Master (Earth) Empty Demon Master (Earth) on March 15th 2011, 2:57 pm


In game Name: Shujin
Key Name: Shujinuchiha

Rank/Skills: Same as Demon master + Power control(optional)

Rp (creating piercer):
On a Normal Blood raining day In hell A young bored Demon Soul went out To train on a new move He had in his mind...He was dressed in a open white coat which reached nearly to the ground and a black shirt under it additionally He worn White pants and had spiky Blond hair ...So the White Clothed Demon moved Slowly over Hells surface still thinking how He Could Do the Tech-idea that He got in his mind, as He suddenly stops dead in one track watching Some Brainless Demons Fight infront of him after a few seconds He smirked and gahtered energy in his hands "hm...thats still the same..." He said unhearable for the demons and incrased the power ,Testing around a bit what He was capable off . after He gahtered enough energy and one of the demons was about to give the ohter the killing blow Shujin shoots his red beam at him which exploded powerfully and killed the being "´s still somehow like always" He said with closed eyes and scratched the back of his head while the ohter demon Got on his feets again and grwoled as He saw Shujin it would Dash forward to his like a wild animal to attack his saviour "idiot...don´t bite the hand that feeds you" Shujin said and wipes some hair out of his face and would gahter energy again as He suddenly got the idea He needed for his move and smirked as He shoots the beam again ...but this time the beam spins around and headed with a great speed to the demon that was on his rampage and pierced it directly Trough his chest while the beam itself flew far away. Shujin smiled as He saw the demon dieing and looked at his hand wich was coverd like the rest of his body in blood because of the rain "i´m a genius....concentrating the energy into a small beam and let it rotate to pierce the enemy instead of just destroying him ...." He said and snickered a bit as He slowly walked away with his new move in mind ~i guess i call it "piercer"~ was his last tought as He walked away from his training place back to his cave...

2Demon  Master (Earth) Empty Re: Demon Master (Earth) on March 15th 2011, 3:00 pm


Declined, it was a good roleplay. But it didn't even talk about his personality, who he actually was, intentions, ect. ect. You may try again, but this topic is locked.

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