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Demon Master (Earth) the Second

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1Demon Master (Earth) the Second Empty Demon Master (Earth) the Second on March 15th 2011, 5:19 pm


In game Name: Shujin
Key Name: Shujinuchiha

Rank/Skills: Same as Demon master + Power control(optional)


Shujin was born in a Well known Demon Clan with the name „Akasora (Aka=Red Sora=Sky) Clan“ Everyone in Hell Had alot of Respect of this clan Since they had a lot of High Class Demons and many of some were even at the Level as a Demon Lord himself. But The bigest Disgrace for The Clan was Shujin ...His power Was weak,He didn´t Like to fight himself and he Doesn´t even really looked like a Demon...More like a Simple Human with White hair and red eyes. As the Black sheep of a very well known Demon Clan Shujin had a pretty hard life , But he didn´t really care...His Strength was his head ...Knowledge was evreything for the Young Demon which is probably the reason while he spent most of his Time in The Big Libary of the Akasora Clan were millions of Books with hidden and maybe even forgotten secrets of the demons and the world of the living realm. Day for day and night for Night he read Trough the Books while ohter Demons were Training their Fighting abbilitys. One Night While out side of the libary a Storm of Bloody rain crossed the lands of hell and a bright Red Star was Seen in the Sky Shujin found something interisting „Demon´s under the Light of the Makyo star are able To use the Old Demon Magic That grants the User Incredible power“ Shujin smirked he,The disgrace of the Akasora Clan Could finally prove that Muscles are not Evreything for a True Demon … In This Night Shujin made a Plan ...with the Knowlede of this Book and even more interisting things he had found in it he decided to Destroy His Own Clan and Obtain the the Throne of the Demon Lord as The new King of hell Just to prove himself and evreyone else that he is a true First Class Demon … In a Long Ritual in the bloody rain and in the Demonic Power of the Makyo star Shujin gained a High Temporaily strength Which he used to First infiltrate The Sleeping Drome of the Akasora Clan Children And Started a Bloody Massacre in it Absorbing Every Single Soul to gain even more REAL power...Of course the Adult Soldiers of the Clan noticed it Very soon and went into the Drome but to late, Shujin Already Became so powerful trough the Souls he ate and the Makyo star That not even the Adult Soldiers were able to Defeat him and just ended up being absorbed aswell feeding him with more and more power...Tainted in Blood Shujin Walked trough TheAkasora Castle Killing all Demons one by one His mother, his brother, his sisters. No Space for mercy was left in His heart even trough he hated fighting himself.Near the end of the Night and also near the end Of his rampage arrived in the Throneroom, The Demon lord alias his farther Awaited him in there resting his head on his fist while sitting in the throne . „Shujin...“ he said in a deep Voice growling in rage „Have you lost every single bit of sense?“ he asked as grapped his Giant Sword „Soul Punisher“ and pointed it at Shujin who slowly walked up to him „How can a Low Class Demon like you...with no Battle experince ...Kill a whole High Class Demon Clan in a single must be Jokeing“ He said as Shujin suddenly Smirks and shrugs „Well, Father...You never asked me but let me tell you anyway...Do you Know What i want to Become if Ii´m big?“ The Demon Lord Sighed and stood up from his Throne „Tsk...It´s to Become the Demon Lord like everyone else...isn´t it“ He said and made himself ready to attack Shujin to avenge his Killed Clan but Shujin Shouted in a Loud Voice „Wrong you god damm Idiot!...The Demon lord is Nothing!...he is Bound in hell sits there on his Throne in a fucking endless war with the Kaios!..He has Nothing more then The power to control hell and the Souls in it...if he is Lucky he is able to come to the living realm just to get his ass beaten up thereby the Living beings and the the Whole History of Demon Lords no one ever Succesed to conquer the living realm ...My dream is Far higher then a Guy with just muscles and no brain Could Understand“ As he draw out the Old Book of forgotten Demon Arts out of his pockets „In this Book is something mentioned about becomeing a „true God“ ...Thats my Goal ...I will become a true god Who is able to freely watch over Evreything...The Hell,heavan and the Living realm without anyone looking down on me...without anyone ordering me around „ Blinded by the Idea He opened his book and read out some old phrases in a forgotten Demon langauge as suddenly three beings jumped out of the ground 1 of them was the leader of The Demons Lords Elite Squad...a Big Blue Werewolf like Demon with the name „Volf“ . The Second one was The Second Strongest Demon in The Demon Lord Army ..A red winged Demon with great horns and red Skin „Baal the Tyrant“ and last but not least His Wife ...She wasn´t strong but this was probably more a Psychologic attack to the Demon Lord „Im-Impossible...I tought you killed them and absorbed them „ he said as Shujin noded „Indeed...I did...With This Forgotten Skill i can Summon Everysingle Soul I absorbed and control it Freely...They are mindless puppets now Just listing to my orders“ He said and snapped with his right hand as sign For baal and Volf to attack the Demon lord...A hard Fight between the top Demons of the akasora Clan started. At the beginning everything pointed at the defeat of the Demon lord and Screamed for Shujins Victory but suddenly The Dark light of the Makyo star Couldn´t reach Shujin vanished out of the realm of hell and with it Most of Shujins power Which also means that His Technique to Control the Souls became weaker and the Demon lord was able to defeat them in a blink of a eye „ thats the secret behind your immense strength Shujin“ The demon lord said and Shoots a Beam at him Which was Blocked my his mothers Soul „What do you mean Fahter!“ Shujin asked and entered his batte stance with the knowledge of fighting he gained from absorbing all the demons souls from before and still with a pretty decent strength left The Demon lord Closed his eyes for a second in pain seeing his wife dieing again even if he knew that it wasn´t the real her and so he strated to continue „The makyo star...he lend you his strength, right?...How phanetic of you to believe in someone else strength...thats why you never became a Great Demon on your Own..“ he said and points his Sword at Shujin again „Tsk...Thats why i killed you all..You think you stand above everything and you can´t even see the border of strength...With your power in my Body i could Truely become a GOD!“ he said and Rushed at the Demon Lord ...It was a intense battle and took over a hour till it was possible to see that Shujin was superior...But the Demon lord had a Trump card, he decided since he can´t really defeat Shujin in this Stage of power and he didn´t want him to become a god after what he have done with his family, He wanted to punish Shujin and erase his Soul forever sadly the souls of his Clan with him „Shujin...You are just a little insane bastard who completly snapped because he couldn´t take to be weak Demon with the name of the Akasora Clan...And what you have done is Unforgiveable!...Me as your Fahter will take the responsibillity for that !...I will erase your soul!“ he said and spinned around his sword „Soul Punisher“ ...Shujin laughed „What!? Oh come on old man ! are almost at the End of your strength...I´m the Winner!“ he said and attempted to dash toward the Demon Lord to give him the final Blow but behind The demon lord a portal to the Death zone opens and starts to suck everything nearby in ...Shujin resists and was able to hold himself on the ground but the Demon lord expected that much ...he jumped behind Shujin and screamed „Soul Punisher! his Soul!“ and threw the Sword right into Shujins Chest And togehter with the Sword Shujin flew into the portal which Has closed directly after that. Unabe to move Shujin flew around a demension of nothingness for Conutless years with a sword in his chest that Sucks out Shujins Strength ...The only thing Shujin was able to do was to think...he felt every single second of Pain trough his Soul getting absorbed Slowly which could take serval years Since he has the souls of so many demons in his body , but even more pain he had because his plan didn´t succesed ~Damm you Fahter...If i had absorbed you...the Demon Lord...I had just to absorb the kaioshin in a Ritual to create the perfect life form...A god!...I...wanna be...a God!~ was the only thing he could think of...Shujin hated to fight...he hated to kill...but he saw himself forced to do so to create his own new world and he knew everyone with power is able to create something...So his plan was just to obtain the greatest power and Create eternal peace...But Shujin failed...But somehow he was lucky...Was a God Smileing down on him? A portal opens right in the Deathzone letting Shujin out of it and just Drop on a Random location on Earth The Sword Was still stucked in his Chest but without the Force of the Deathzone makeing him unable to move he could easily rip it out of his chest... He didn´t know how much time has passed since that day...and he also lost most of his power and memories but he still Could remember the most of the Skills he gained from absorbing the Dmeons Back them...and also..even more important ...He had his Beloved book with him and now he sees a new Chance to Obtain The Power of a God

Yeah i know there are a lot of gramma mistakes...sorry about that it´s just my third langauge(From germany xD)

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