Momochi's Dragon Ball Zee

Come here for some info on my server Dragon Ball Zee.

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Post your Rp's here!

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1 Post your Rp's here! on February 10th 2011, 8:08 pm


Post your RP for ranks here.Keep it discriptive.A minimum of 10 lines. As long as its legit its ok.

2 GM Application on February 10th 2011, 8:22 pm


Ok so I know this isn't the Right place to post it but i'd like to apply for GM Lvl 1 or 2 I am a good admin some of you might remember me from before i am very helpful and Like to do what's right I am also very good at doing events and I know a bunch of random stuff about this game and can fix most ppl's problems without admin powers but prefer to have them cause i like to discuss them in private in case the player is a total nub its embarrassing very much so lol and yeah I'm really 23 so what it just means i'm a little more mature than most ppl on the servers Oh yeah I am in no way like Exgen otherwise known as Luis Spears he's a brit and a jackass lol I am on most of the time and am very helpful to everyone do i get pissed sure I do sometimes but i try to keep a level head and be fair to everyone and no i don;t give stuff to ppl yeah i know Momo I Abused on Videofx's server but i didn't use my powers on anyone other than myself and i just admined i wasn't a participator in any rps the only time i did it was as Kaioshin for an event all I did was revive a sayian king so he could kill the changeling destroying his planet i superfyed him to but took it away the next second after he had killed the changeling by editing his Bp lol well this is my app I think you know i'm a good admin or you should as I have helped you a couple times in the past the bio generator thing that was stupid i don't know how they did it lol

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