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Mafia Boss RP

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1Mafia Boss RP Empty Mafia Boss RP on February 12th 2011, 12:49 am


RATTA TATTA TAT Cried his blazing gun. His Beretta spat chunks of lead through the cold, damp air. As the bullets made contact, they tore small holes in their targets. As the smoke cleared the men in blue suits with badges lay dead on the ground. Their blood slowly being washed away by the pouring rain. A man dropped his cigar and crushed its dieing flame with his boot. The man's name was Babo. Babo wasn't always like this. To some it seemed like days ago that Babo was serving the community in the christian youth group. That year, Babo was 8. At the time he didn't get the name Babo. He was Carlo Russo. Carlo was just like an average kid. His family was a had a little less money in their pockets than most people, but other than that, they were normal. He stayed that way untill he turned 10. It was a cold rainy day like it is now. His dad had to work late at the bank, and his mom was driving home. Carlo's mom got home first. Her silver car pulled into the drive way. As she got out of the car, another car appeared at the edge of the drive way. It just stopped there for a few seconds as the windows rolled down. Dark steel barrels protuded out of the car. There was a loud crack and a bright light coming from the car that only lasted a few seconds. Then the car sped away. When Carlo looked down, he saw his mother laying on the ground. Her body submerged in a red puddle. Carlo stood there for a while. His mind started racing, trying to understand that his mom was dead. His train of thought broke when his father's car pulled into the drive way. His father jumped out of his car and ran over to the other car. As he quickly serveyed the situation. As Mr.Russo tried to lift Mrs.Russo from the ground, he saw a small black box under her car. It gave a short red flash. Before anyone could react, the box exploded. Carlo was flung back from the window. He fell on the ground bleeding. He could barely move. He tried to gather the strength to get up and help his parents, but he couldn't. He passed out there. Hours later he woke up. He was in a white room. There was medical displays on the walls. He looked over and saw a machine connected to his arm. Another machine slowly made beeping sounds. A doctor was standing over him muttering to himself. Then he reassured a man behind him. A man in a black pinstripe suit was stainding behind the doctor. He sat down in a chair to watch him work. Many hours later, Carlo was ready to leave the hospital. After he got to his uncle's house, he began to explain everything. The people who killed his parents are from a rival family. They have been neck and neck for years. He also explained the mafia and everything he did. Then he explained how Carlo's father spends money on gambling and drinks, which is why they aren't very wealthy. Then Carlo's uncle began to train him to become his succesor. He was taught street smarts for many days. Then one day, Carlo's uncle died from a lung problem. As he died he asked Carlo to take over. Carlo renamed himself Babo in memory of his uncle who shared the same name. That takes us to the present and what is going on now.

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