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Rank RP for Demon Lord

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1Rank RP for Demon Lord Empty Rank RP for Demon Lord on February 12th 2011, 6:49 pm


Key: BadBixtch Morgan
Icly name" lucy Toshira
Ranks Held" North Kaio, East Kaio, Kaioshin, Vegeta Queen. and Skill Master.
Rank Wanted:Demon Lord.
RP: *would be behind the last one. As the last blast would ram into the Kaio she would ram her hand up the kaio's neck, and gets a tighter grip on her neck. She would start to laugh even louder as the kaio struggles to get out of her grip. Then she would slam her to the ground an would send fire to her hands. She thus would push her hands deeper onto her body and send fire all around the surface of her body. Lucy would burn all of her skin off into ash. "You peice of kaio shit." Then she would look down at the burning kaio and smile.*

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