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CC president RP

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1CC president RP Empty CC president RP on March 5th 2011, 1:37 pm


IGN: Hiroshi
Key: Aurimas33
Rank RPing for: Capsule Corp President
RP: *stands up from the chair with his invention project in his hand and thinks "I should find someone to help me do this, I won't be able to make this alone." when he writes a letter on paper and sends it to the newspaper. The letter says "I am searching for intelligent scientists to help me make this gagdet. For more information contact me. Hiroki.". There were many answers to his letter, but he chose only best scientist. They started their job in a basement, because there were no other place to work in. They worked for months and ate many pizzas but they didn't gave up and they finally made it! They invented the storage machine called capsule. They earned a lot of money and Hiroki together with the scientists decided to found a corporation. They called it Capsule Corporation because their first invention was a capsule. They started building the CC main base. Until the building was finished, they had to sleep in tents, and eat the food their moms made. Since most of the town was already filled up with buildings, they had to build their base on the lake, of course they took out all the water and sold it as drinkable water. After the building was finished, Hiroki also built houses for the scientists near the main building. That is how Hiroki found Capsule Corporation.*

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