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North Cardinal Rp

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1North Cardinal Rp Empty North Carindal RP Addon on March 5th 2011, 3:02 pm


*is what Zyark thought as he marched up the Cold Mountain in weights "only a thousand more steps or so" with bleeding feet He walks the Path of The North Kaio.Upon Reaching the top of the spiral mountain he see's today's training exercise 10 armored androids to spar with clenching his fists he begins the battle with the androids. The final test to succeed the rank of his master "The North Kai" Zyark Begins exploding with energy as he begins to fight "I've gotta win...." Zyark puts a high amount of power into his hands, breaking through the androids one after another... then Zyark notices "that android is absorbing the others..... damit master i guess this is the ultimate test....." blasting through 3 more androids leaving 4 more androids Zyark notices he's bleeding...bad "there' me... but I've got to finish them!" the ground cracks beneath Zyark and the ground around the kaio begins lifting as he powers up to his full "DIE!!!!" a tremendous blast reaps through the androids,within a few seconds they were gone and Zyark layed on the ground almost motionless "North K-kaio" as the all powerful kiao stands above him"you have done it Zyark.." After the treating to Zyark's wounds the kai Power Level vanishes never to be found again leaving Zyark to his destiny* theres my edit javascript:emoticonp('Very Happy')
Very Happy

2North Cardinal Rp Empty Death on March 7th 2011, 2:04 am


Zyark Died Icly a new North Kaio is open. But this was accepted.

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