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Born into the harsh life of plane hell Tasuo sought to rid himself of the harshness of his king. For many years however he put up with almost being killed and being attacked frequently. One of the time he had gotten attacked was by his king, one day while he was still young the Daimaou approached his little home and asked who was in charge. Tasuo came out and said that this was his home. The Daimaou gathered his Ki in his hand and fired a large wave at the home and Tasuo. Tasuo barely dodges at the last second but is scorched a little and is injured a bit. He looks back at his now destroyed home and yells at the Daimaou "I will destroy you, you MONSTERRRR!!" and charges at him without a second thought. The Daimaou smirks and charges a beam of Ki and fires it at Tasuo. Tasuo not thinking charges boldly into the beam and is scorched almost to death. In the end, of this his leg are taken as fault of his own stupidness. Years later, Tasuo confronts the Demon Lord on his terms after blowing away chunks of his house and destroying his minions Tasuo breaks into the kings place with his new synthetic legs and they began to fight in the end Tasuo rips the spinal cord of the Demon Lord(head attached) off of him and ushers in his age as Demon Lord by waving the head of that demon lord around in the air. He then goes to all the others demons and shows him removing the skull out the dismembered head/spinal cord and puts it on his face and says " Follow me as my servants or die" No one objected to his rule so for now his rule is was projected onto the other demons.

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