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Destructor Saga

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Destructor Saga -
The story is based on a demon who seeks revenge for his fathers reincarnation, who his adviser, unknown to him, planned to reincarnate his father, for his dream to become a reality. The demon is told by the adviser to seek revenge and by doing so, he was told to manipulate people from the living world, and cause them to send countless lives into the Afterlife, so he could create his dead army.

Robotic Saga - Year 20 - 25
The Demon Destructor, has contacted a biological being, through telepathic messages. He claims that he can free them from the master computers clutches, but he must do something first - Destroy the planet known as "Earth" home of the humans. He requested this due to the intelligent beings, who could provide them with weapons to help them win their war.
(DBs are used in this Saga to remove all the Bio-Androids absorbed victims and Ki, making him useless.)

Namekians Thirst Saga - Year 25 - 30
The Bio-Android has failed him, so he decides to visit a Namekian, who desires nothing but power. He promises the Namekian power, but in exchange for one thing - Attempt to destroy "Vegeta" home of the Saiyans. He had heard that the Saiyan race were all warriors, he needed warriors to complete his small army.
(Full moon arises, and all Saiyans show him no mercy.)

Oozaru Saga - Year 30 - 35
The demon was very displeased with the Namekians defeat, and when the Namekian arrived, he had been expected, and he was binded to hell, for his crimes.
The demon, however was very interested in the Oozaru. He had observed the Namekian and the mysterious Saiyan during their battle. He tried to convince the Saiyan to join his side along with his entire race, through telepathic messages, but he refused. The demon taunted the Saiyan for a long time, what was about five whole years! The Saiyan grew insane, screaming out, trying to find and kill Destructor, killing everybody in his path. The adviser had expected this to happen, and was very pleased with the Saiyan sending countless beings into the Afterlife (Including a Tuffle.)

I am Destructor! Saga - Year 35 - 36
Destructor has broadcasted a telepathic message to all of those in the Afterlife and the living world, he has revealed himself, he is Destructor. He claims he will be invading anytime soon, but this is shortly interrupted when Destructor is killed and absorbed by his adviser and reincarnated by a Kaioshin. His adviser, Rage-a-thorg, has now absorbed father and son, and he claims that he is the perfect being and can't be stopped.

That Saiyan? Saga - Year 36 - 40
Due to the constant taunting, the Saiyan has poisoned himself, to hopefully cure him of the voices. When he arrives at Otherworld he notices everybody scared, and shocked. He began to read a sign, and it mentioned Destructo's name. He searched, trying to find destructor. After a few days of searching he finds the adviser Rage-a-Thorg and learns that he absorbed him. He figures he might as well kill Rage-a-Thorg. The Adviser have a huge battle in hell, what actually destroys it completely.

It's invention Saga - Year 40 - 41
The Saiyan has killed Rage-a-Thorg, he is glad for his victory. With Hell completely destroyed, he attempts to find a portal, leaving Hell. For his great efforts, he will be awarded with his body, and he will enjoy the benefits of heaven.
Meanwhile, deep underground in the realm Hell, his lab, and his Tuffle, who he had perswaded to follow him, was working on his revival, working on his invention... "The Cloning Tank!"

Rebirth Saga - Year 41 - 45
The Tuffle's invention has successfully cloned Rage-a-Thorg, and know we all know, it's time for his plan B - To create a Bebi what can inhabit a body, for long periods of time. He plans for the Bebi to enter the Kaioshin. When the Kaioshin is controlled, he will then order the Bebi to create a space station, in the living world, were they can continue their research without being noticed, however, it was obvious, that the Bebi was still undeveloped.

Abduction Saga - Year 45 - 50
The intentions of Rage-a-Thorg and his Tuffle Scientist, Lapple are now, almost clear. They are abducting beings from planets, and giving them homes, and training them. Vegeta, Namek, Earth, Arconia, Icer, Jungle, Android Ship, have all had at least one being abducted, they just suddenly vanished from the radar. What they will do to their abducted members is still a mystery.

(That's if they make it to the end.)
(Event requires quite a few people.)

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