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EG RP from Ren

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1EG RP from Ren Empty EG RP from Ren on March 5th 2011, 10:43 pm


Ren would have been looking a man, eye to eye. 2 dead bodies would be on the floor right next to him. Behind him would be a small boy. All of them would be on some tower high in the air. The man in front of Ren would have charged up to him. Right then, his life would flash in front of him. To better understand this, let’s go back to 5 months ago. It would be a foggy day on planet namek. The young namek called Ren would have been in a small, one person, space pod. The pod would so dented and old. The elder of the planet would have sent him far away to a distant planet, of the course of the solar system, a planet named earth. 4 mouths would have passed and the young Namek would have made it to the “Earth” near a tower. A man would have fell from that tower looking beat up. The guy would say “Damn it…Just wait…I WILL BE THE GAURDAIN!” Ren would walk up to him and say “What do you mean?” The man would instantly fly away. Ren would have started to fly up to be the man must have fallen from. He would see 2 men and a human boy that was his age. He would ask the oldest man “What did you do to that other guy?” The man would be in shock while looking at the namek. He would say “He tried to take my title of earth guardian by force….come here child.” Ren would walk up to him, he would see the old human put his hand on him and he would look into his past. The man would say “Hmm…you are more worthy of taking my spot…would you like to have power like you have never seen before?” Ren would look at him and say “I have not come for power…I have come to find a salvation for my well-being. The man would say “It is not the type of power that people abuse…you will have the power to watch out this planet…” He would look down at the world and look at it beauty. He would say “I shall…this planet is a green beauty, and I will not want anyone this bad intention to obtain it. A mouth would pass by and Ren would learn skills that he didn’t think he could learn before. The man that fell a long time ago would rise to the tower and look at the old man. He would instant fire a blast at him, attempting to end his life. However, the other man would jump in front trying to save him. Sadly, the exploitation of the blast would be too big, killing them both. And now we are all caught up to the man charging at Ren. He would remember the move that the old man taught him. He would have made an energy chain, which would instantly rap around the killer. After that, the killer would start to sink to the ground, into the depths of hell. His last words would be “I WILL BE BACK!” Ren would have run up to the two men, along with the boy. He would have buried them and went back to the tower to pray. He then got up and started to look other the earth for many years as the guardian of this planet.

2EG RP from Ren Empty Congrats on March 7th 2011, 1:49 am



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