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Custom Rank Suggestion

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1Custom Rank Suggestion Empty Custom Rank Suggestion on March 14th 2011, 4:31 pm


Evil's Incarnation
Details- Basically a being born with the strife and hate that happens throughout the world evil the slightest bit of evilness can make this being form. So that means only 1 person can have this rank at a time and here are the benefits. Also usually this rank could be a good start for someone who wants to obtain ranked villain or Universal Villain. Lastly a counterpart or Good Incarnate should be made to counter this and the person who makes this character should either start of being evil or slowly become evil.
Benefits- Gain 10-100k bp based on your rp, stat gains become x2.5 for a balance typed fighter, depending on character build it could change. Lastly for moves they get, Majin, Majinize, Power Control, Beam, Blast, Charge, Fly, Expand, Focus, Observe, Telepathy, Med lvl 2, sense lvl 1-2 whatever, Make Fruit, and Reincarnation. Maybe just Maybe Self Destruct.

I guess that somes up the rest so cya from your friendly neighborhood Admin.

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Sorry. This is just..Too...Whats the word im looking for? OP

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